Advaita, Dwaita and Vishitadvaita philosophies propounded by the great Mahans Adi Sankara, Sri Madhwacharya and Sri Ramanuja are so different from each other. Which one should I follow?

All the three philosophies debate about the end state of the soul. We are just in the beginning and there is no contradiction here. Don’t have any predetermined notions about the end goal. Simply chant the Maha Mantra pray to Sri Krishna to give you the best and the Supreme state. It then becomes His duty to grant you the same.

Why have Sri Madhavarcharya, Sri Adi Sankaracharya, Sri Ramanujacharya given three contradictory philosophies on the same topic. All the three people are great souls. What ever they prescribe must be the truth. Why do we need three philosophies in the place of one?

The little child goes to the sea shore and comes back concluding that the sea contains pebbles and shell-stones. The fisherman comes back concluding that the sea contains fishes. The diver asserts that it is full of pearls and corals, while the fact is that all of them were right — the sea contains all of those and much more.
Similarly God is vast and incomprehensible. From your very question, you seem to agree that these Saints were great souls. The fact that they have propounded distinct philosophies only implies that God is incomprehensible even to them. Such is His greatness.

Each of the Acharyas viz., Sankara, Madhwa and Ramanuja were not truly catholic in their spiritual approach. Though being knowers of Truth, they treated other philosophers as their opponents and found fault with the other philosophies. Why so?

Each of these philosophers had so much conviction in their own philosophies that they did not have a second thought about criticizing the other philosophers or philosophies. Above all, these are all divine plays of God. From time to time, God sends Avatara Purushas to the earth in the form of such Acharyas to establish a different thought system at such times when the existing system is being grossly misconstrued, misinterpreted or exploited.

When you do Karma Yoga, that is do your duty sincerely, without anticipating and thinking about the result, and offer all the fruits of the work to the Lord, we attain ‘Moksha’ Then why it is necessary to practice Jnana and Bhakti Yoga?

Bhagavan Ramana says, Karma yoga purifies you and prepares you for Moksha either by the path of Enquiry (Jnana Marga) or the path of total surrender to the Lord (Bhakti Marga). Depending on your disposition you shall naturally gravitate to one of these paths for Moksha. Only grace can complete this process. So whichever path we go, we need to earn the grace of the Lord. Chanting Mahamantra easily secures the grace of the Lord.

I want to know about your Bhakti Advaita Siddhanta. Many mahatmas have shown different types of philosophies – Advaita, Vishishtadvaita, Dvaitha and so on. Please explain them to us.

We know only Mahamantra. I think it is enough for you too.

Do you believe in Dvaita or Advaita?

We believe in Nama.