Is asking for Moksha selfish as it is going to help him but nobody else?

Once a need is acutely felt, praying for the same humbly at lotus feet of the Lord is the practical way to peace and happiness. Moksha is also included in this. Whether we do ‘selfless’ or selfish act, all we really chase for is happiness and peace.

What is Liberation? I know that it is getting out of the cycle of birth and death, but what exactly do we achieve after getting liberated?

In the state of liberation, the individual identity vanishes and the Individuality no more remains. The seer, the one to be seen and the act of seeing, all of these get dissolved. In this state, your very question does not arise.

What is liberation? Is it a solution to all our problems? Is it peace of mind? I do not believe that there is a problem that cannot be solved by man. Then why Nama Kirtan?

You are right! There is no problem that cannot be solved by man.
Instead of taking problems one by one, if you put in a little more thought, you will realize that the only way to reach the problem-free point is never to be born again.
To look at it the differently, what do you mean by peace? It is an everlasting, absolute state of happiness – not temporary, but permanent: not mixed with a droplet of sorrow. How do we attain that state? if we are born and lead a life we are bound to get some problem at some point. So to attain eternal peace, it is imperative that we never be born again; get out of the cycle of births and deaths; get liberated.
That is the ideal solution and the way it is achieved is, through Nama Kirtan. It is not an alien effort. It is indeed the only solution and is very much in your own hands.

Are Mukti and Moksha one and the same?

Yes they are one and the same.

How can one attain Moksha? If one attains Moksha, how will the state of mind or soul will be? Who is a Brahmin?

By constantly chanting the divine Mahamantra and surrendering to the feet of Bhagavan, one can attain moksha by his grace. In this state, individual mind would be one with the Universal mind of the Lord. One who has realized Brahman is the truest Brahmana.

What is Mukti ? Why there is a desire for a devotee to get Mukti? Can’t he love God without having this desire?

Mukti is not something you can see. It is supreme joy; eternal bliss. You can love God without having the desire for Mukti too. But true love for God takes one to that state, whether he desires it or not.

Whenever I pray for job, money, etc., I am advised that I should be asking for more important things like Moksha. I wonder how I can expect Moksha if I am not able to attain even the mundane needs. Am I right in thinking so?

Moksha is the birth right of every jiva. That is why you are advised to pray for it. In fact that is the right thing to ask.

A normal human being is said to undergo unbearable pain at the time of his death. Is a similar pain undergone by a ‘jiva’ attaining liberation either by guru’s grace or by his own merit? If not how would it be in such a case?

In meditation, one’s vasanas are destroyed. Does one feel pain during meditation? No. In just the same way, when a Guru or God wishes to liberate a person in his deathbed, he doesn’t feel pain.
In an instant, all the vasanas will raise and be destroyed in its origin, after which the Jiva will experience ‘Chit-Prakasa’ in the heart. Beyond this, the state varies depending on the path chosen by the Guru or God. If the Guru/God wished to give Jivan Mukti, the Prana merges with the soul. If a specific Loka has been chosen for the Jiva, the Prana carries the astral body to the respective world.

Is the Lord Shiva, Jagadguru, capable of giving Moksha, through Jnana?

Yes Lord Shiva is very much capable of giving Mukti through Jnana.

When do we get Moksha? Which is better — Family Life (‘Illaram’) or Ascetic Life (‘thuravaram’)?

You are already in Moksha. You have to just remove that veil of ignorance (‘that you are not in Moksha’). This is possible by chanting the Maha Mantra — Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare continuously, which was verily propagated by Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu. Illaram (‘family life’) is the best.