Animal Welfare

Two Goshalas are dedicated for Cow protection in rural parts of Tamil Nadu:
1. Sri Gokulam Goshala, Madhurapuri Ashram, near Sriperumpudur, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu.
2. Mahatma Sri Sri Krishnapremi Swamigal PasumadamSenganur Village near Thirupanandal, Kumbakonam region, Tamil Nadu.

Donate to animal welfare schemes


Regular animal welfare camps are conducted in Senganur Village and Mahanyam Village.

Agro & Social Forestry

The impact of forests on our life and ecosystem cannot be understated. Losing green cover due to deforestation is one of the grave dangers facing the human race today. This has already led to global warming, lack of rain, soil erosion and depleted groundwater levels. A lot of animals that depend on forests can lose their habitat and this can throw our ecosystem out of balance. Forests are essential for our planet’s survival.

We play our part by taking this cause to the villages we work with. As an awareness drive and to directly contribute to global welfare, we actively plant saplings in rural areas.

Senganur village, Nangur village, Govindapuram village, and Mahanyam-Malaipattu villages are some of the areas which have been benefited by our environmental sustainability programs.