Today, so much concern and worship of Sani Bhagavan (Saturn) in view of its transition. It seems that my star is also affected and I am asked to chant special Slokas. Does the Mahamantra offer protection to me in these times also?

Absolutely yes! There lived a Mahatma in Tiruvannamalai by name, Yogiramsuratkumar. He always chanted the Ram Nam. By sheer power of Rama Nama, he cured innumerable diseases, blessed so many devotees with money, power wealth etc who came to him with mundane, worldly problems.
So there is nothing to fear. Have faith in the Mahamantra. When there is faith, there is no fate. Chant the Mahamantra with staunch, unshakable faith. Don’t nurture any doubt about it. It will protect you from any planetary effects. Not only that, Mahamantra is verily the Kalpatharu and Kalpaka Vruksha. It will fulfill all your desires.

I do not believe in astrology but I firmly believe in God. My wife consulted an astrologer and he predicts my current situation! I perform Nama Kirtan and prayers but nothing happens my way! What do I do?

Astrology is indeed a science. It is also accepted as the eyes of the Vedas. However, in the modern day, it is hard to find a good astrologer. Not only that, it is also important that the remedies that are suggested should be conformant with the Vedas and should be performed strictly as prescribed therein. This is not completely possible in the modern age.
Faith in the Guru’s words, in prayer and in the Maha Mantra can surpass anything. Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar says, ‘If there is faith, then there is no fate.’ When there is sincere faith in Maha Mantra Kirtan, one can easily play football with the nine planets!

My Star is Tiruvonam and Rashi is Makaram. I want to know about my job and future. Can you please help me?

It does not matter what you star is and what your Rashi is. Follow the words of the Guru, surrender completely to Lord Krishna and chant the Maha Mantra with utmost faith. Where there is faith, there is no fate. Everything will fall into place automatically.

Why should we believe in astrology?

Primarily, astrology is a science based on astronomical / mathematical calculations. Secondly, it is the available proof for ‘karma’ theory, which is the reason for all the happenings in the world.

I was born in ‘Garga’ gothram and ‘Hastham’ star. What is the significance of my gothram and star.

The word ‘Gothra’ literally means, ‘to take care of the cows’. In days yonder, the foremost duty of a disciple was to take care of the cows of the Maharshi who was his guru. So if you say you are born in a ‘gothra’, then it means that you belong to the lineage of that Maharshi. The genes of that Maharshi are still present in you, till date. This is confirmed by modern-day science, which corroborates the theory of genetic inheritance.
Gargacharya was one such Maharshi, whom we find quoted in Puranas like Srimad Bhagavatam. He was the purohit for the Yadhu Vamsa, in which Sri Krishna was born. It was he who named Balarama and Krishna.
The 27 constellations in our astronomy represent the 27 organs of the cosmic ‘Purusha’. Your star ‘hastham’ (translates in Sanskrit as ‘hand’) literally represents the hand of this Purusha.
This is the 13th of the 27 stars. The sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and governed by the Moon.
Those belonging to this star are well versed in Vedas, or merchandisers and are energetic and industrious. They are also merciless, impudent, thievish and fond of drinking. They could be charioteers, elephant riders, artisans or robbers.
They mainly belong to professions relating to commerce, salesmanship, overseas business – export and import, communication and mails, shipping and clearing, sanitation, textile and yarn, bridges dam sites, canal and tunnel construction engineering, press, ink and printing ink manufacturing etc. They could also be advocates, artists, painters, politicians or mercenaries like ambassadors or messengers.
Those born in this star are susceptible to self-pity, negative thoughts and imaginations, fear / phobias, hysteria and the like.

Do we have to believe in horoscope knowing fully our destiny is all pre-determined?

It is up to you. If you believe that the planets decide your life, then you can believe in horoscope. If you believe that Krishna decides your life, then it does not matter.