I am well contented person not having desire in material life. i am living a spiritual life doing Prayer,mediation, Pranayam etc. I work for a meager income. But my family and friends see me as a lazy person and brand me a failure. I leave all my future to God. Is it right or not?

Firstly, you have to understand the clear distinction between a Sadhu and a lazy person.
A Sadhu is a person who is totally dependent on God for everything – from small mundane things to anything big – even Mukti. He accepts whatever comes his way – as the blessings of God and will spend most of his time on prayers. The rest of his time will be spent in taking care the basic, minimal needs of his family. Sometimes, even a Sadhu’s mind may be disturbed by happenings around him, unnecessary talks, gossips and others’ opinion about him. But he will come out of it very soon and get back on track and continue with his prayers.

I am a businessman. I wish to be honest and ethical, but the world calls me a fool. Does honesty and fear in God truly pay in the long run?

Honesty and fear in God pays immediately. How does it pay? In the form of inner excellence, clarity of mind, free and clear consciousness. Why do you always think only of money for results?

I have been doing finance business (lending money to others for interest) and also accepting fixed deposits. Some say that by doing this business, I accumulate sins. Is it right to do this business? Is it okay to trade shares?

In general lending business is not very good. However share trading is acceptable.

Now a main power is money. I always try to earn money in an honest way. I do not get time to pray to the Almighty. How can I make myself fit as a devotee of God?

In the Gita, the Lord says, ‘swalpamapi yasya dharmasya thraayate mahato bhayaat’, even if you do a very small Dharma, it will give you great benefit. The Lord who is all powerful and all knowing becomes bound by his devotee who chants His Names.
The easiest way to make yourself a devotee of the Lord is to chant His Divine Names regularly. There is no money or extra effort needed to go in this spiritual path. Where ever you are, what ever you do, you keep chanting His Names. That is enough.

Why is money ruling today’s world? Why not pure love?

Pure Love and money never go together. That is the reason.

What types of employment can we undertake? What types of employers and employees should we avoid? Can we work as, say, an accountant in a liquor/ tobacco company?

If you perform ‘Karma Yoga’, (performing your job and offering the job as well as its results to God) then it does not matter. In our scriptures, there is an example of a great Jnani called Dharmavyada in the kingdom of Mithila, being a butcher by profession. If you do not possess enough mental strength, then it is advisable to abstain from such professions.

Is it considered gambling to put money into a stock market, if the intent is to eventually use the money for sat-karya?

Stock-trading cannot necessarily be considered gambling.

I am financially insecure. What will be my future? Is there any change in my profession?

When God is there, why worry? Have faith in Him, chant and pray sincerely. Don’t be dejected. Be cheerful and chant the Mahamantra with faith. That is enough. It will give you the desired results.