Great Mahans speak a lot about surrendering oneself to a perfect Guru; to someone who can accept the surrender and not run away, but stand and protect him. How important is the choice of the right Guru, especially in this Kali Yuga? How does one identify the right Guru?

Let us assume that someone wishes to do a particular task very badly and needs help. His dearest friend who is alongside is not in a position to help him do that task because of various reasons. What would the ideal friend do? Would he not put his friend in touch with someone capable and ready to help him out?
In the same way, if you are really in dire need of a Guru and sincerely long for one, the most lovable Lord Krishna will put you in touch with a Uttama Guru who can quench your thirst. You do not need to identify a guru yourself. If the longing is real, deep inside your heart, the Guru will identify you by himself. This is true for any Yuga.

Can one get salvation only though a Sadguru who is present in physical body?

That is not the only way. But it is one of the easier paths.

What happens to a person who in their lifetime has not been graced with the shelter of a Guru (Sadguru) and in their final moments utters Rama Nama or hears Rama Nama? Do they still attain the Divine Abode of Sri Hari?

Yes. The Ajamila Charitra describes just this. So it is true. But it is very difficult.

I want to have a Sadguru – but Who? When? Where? Who should I choose as my Sadguru?

The human life is said to be the greatest gift of God. In this life, getting the quest for God and the need for a Sadguru is indeed even more rare. When your quest is real, the Lord will automatically bless you with a Sadguru at the right moment. Until then, keep chanting the Mahamantra constantly, taking the Almighty as your Guru. You will soon be blessed with a guru.

I just love God and my Guru. But some say that one should fear God. I dont get any fear on either. converse with them as I would, to my most lovable friend. Am I doing something wrong? Should I fear them?

There is a beautiful word in English – ‘AWE’. Kindly look up the meaning in the dictionary. That is exactly the feeling that we should develop for God and the Guru.

What is the difference between a mother and a Guru?

Although mother’s love is supreme, it is only human. Guru’s love is divine.

I have heard that there are two types of Gurus – ‘Niyat’ (who makes you understands your True Self) and ‘Aniyat’ (who leads you to prayer and worship). Which kind of Guru should one follow?

Prayers and worship eventually lead one to the Realization of your True Self Hence one should follow both kinds of Gurus, in that order

If a person’s life is according to his poorva vasana/destiny, How can a guru help him?

We may have taken thousands of births and committed millions of sins. No matter how colossal that figure maybe, it is unquestionably well within the realm of the finite. Guru’s boundless grace though, is immeasurable, limitless and infinite.
The tapas and grace of the Sadguru can make up for his Karmas and takes him to the path of liberation quicker.

Can you kindly tell me what characteristics should a Sadguru’s sincere disciple possess?

A sincere disciple will have an unshakable love for his Master. Apart from this unique quality, he should possess all the other virtues of any disciple.

What is the best offering that I can give to my Guru Maharaj?

The best offering that a child can give to his/her parents is being obedient and loving.
The best offering that a student can give to a teacher is being a performer with character.
The best offering that a citizen can give to his country, is being useful to the country in all ways and means.
The best offering that a doctor can give to his patient is providing the right medicine at the right time
The best offering that a friend can give to his friend is helping him in times of need
The best offering that a couple can give each other is perfect mutual understanding
The best offering that an artist can be given is the recognition of his merit and skill
The best offering that a devotee can give to God is unbounded love for Him
The best offering that a disciple can give to the Guru is realizing that nothing else can equal his grace.