I become angry and emotional when my little kids make mistakes and disobey me. Later I feel bad for it. Should I be continue to be strict to them and monitor them so that they can be mended or should I just be a silent spectator leaving everything to God’s will?

Never get annoyed about your kids behaving naughty nor should you remain a silent spectator leaving everything as
God’s will. Be patient and teach them in their own language. When they are calm, narrate them a variety of short
stories to make them realize their mistake. Never get excited or angry and yell at them, castigate or hurt them.
Learn to praise them in areas they fail. For instance, if your child has the habit of tearing books, make sure you
praise him/her in front of friends and relatives as the good child who handles books very carefully. That will create
a positive pressure on them to keep up their good name and behave, when it comes to handling books.
You have to be diligent and act smart all the time.

What is anger? How do I overcome it?

Anger is an outburst of emotions which are nothing but thoughts in the mind. Mind can be controlled by dealing with the situation from a practical standpoint with ‘viveka’ or discrimination. Practicing simple pranayama (breathing exercises) is a nice way of controlling the mind. However this has to be done carefully. The easier method to do this is by winning God’s grace. If Maha Mantra is chanted with utmost faith and devotion, He will bring a proper transformation in your mind.

I have tried controlling my anger by adopting methods like chanting at that moment or by taking deep breaths, but they don’t come to my rescue always. In fact majority of the times I lose my temper. I strongly feel that my anger is preventing me from living a life that would finally make me realize the ultimate truth about God Please advise me.

You have to develop ‘viveka’ or discrimination.
When you understand that others when hit by you get as much pain as experienced by you when you are hit by others; when you see that the same hurt felt by you when someone shows anger, would be felt by the person on whom you show anger, your anger would slowly come under control.
In addition, control your diet. do not partake of food rich in oil, tamarind, chilli and too much salt. Also before you eat, mentally offer the food to Bhagavan Krishna, as Bhagavan Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavatam that His prasada is Nirguna.

I have a very bad temper and lose my composure very quickly. I also have an obsessed mind and get lewd thoughts. Please help me.

Reduce your intake of spices in your food considerably.
Avoid too hot, spicy, salty and tangy foods.
Try to practice simple Pranayama (breathe control).
Read a lot of books that talk about the history of various saints and Mahans.
Chant the Maha Mantra whenever you find time.
While chanting, earnestly pray to God to help you.