What is more important in Kaliyuga? Following dharma or surrendering dharma?

Following Dharma – specifically, Bhagavata Dharma.
What is Bhagavata Dharma? Reading Itihasas and Puranas, listening to them and performing Nama Kirtan always. These are the essentials of Bhagavata Dharma.
The Vedas speak about Dharma. The Bhagavata Dharma is verily the nuance of Dharma (‘Dharma Sookshma’). It is not only a revolutionary dharma, but also the most practical one.

With the growth of modern technology, each nation tries to compete the other in terms of scientific discoveries. Then, where is the chance of knowing the Almighty and increasing our devotion for Him?

As long as a fetus grows in a womb normally, everything is happy and peaceful. But if the child continues to grow in the womb even after 10 months, it is not peaceful anymore. It is rather alarming and dangerous isn’t it? Similarly, the growth of science and discoveries in this field are good only to a certain extent. Beyond that it becomes dangerous, and the world will be fed up with the troubles that these cause, rather than enjoy its benefits. If not now, at least then, the world will realize the presence of the supreme power called Sri Krishna.

Why do we have crime and injustice in the world?

That is the nature of the Kali Yuga. The state of the current yuga has been predicted long back by our Maharshis in the various spiritual texts of our Dharma. We cannot avoid that. The only way out is to try to remain unaffected by it, by holding to the Feet of the Lord.
The simplest way towards this goal is by chanting the Mahamantra.

Lord Sri Krishna, in the Gita, says that parampara of Gita was broken and hence he narrated it to Arjuna. Now with the print and electronic media, there is no chance of the ‘Parampara’ (lineage) to be broken as these scriptures are preserved for eternity. Does this not mean that our civilization is advancing? So, how can it be fair to say that the standards in Kali Yuga are degrading?

The ‘lineage’ that is meant here is not the lineage of preservation by learning. It means the lineage of preservation by practice and experience. All the learning in this age is done for self-pride and show-off and is far from the true import of learning

In the yester years, one to one interaction was possible to impart information regarding spiritual knowledge to help a person. Today with population explosion and other media that are influencing lives and also lack of time by most to attend such lectures as in yester years, spiritual media in our country has rarely reached out to a tomorrow’s youth. In light of this scenario, my question is as follows: What is the way to impart spiritual knowledge to a tomorrow’s youth?

Education will help in developing the intellectual faculties in an individual. Intellect is good. But it is not enough. It is not at all possible to realize the Lord using your intellect. When the intellect tries harder and harder to find the Absolute Truth, and eventually gets tired and gives up, it is then that the Lord appears there.
At every point in time, God has his own ways to reveal Himself to the world. He will do so at the opportune moment. He will never let down His true seekers

In one of your discourses, you have mentioned that the Lord will not take birth in the Kali Yuga. But, as per the Holy Scriptures, it will be Kalki Bhagavan (holding a sword in one hand and riding a horse) who will destroy Adharma & protect the innocent. Doesn’t it seem contradictory?

The Kalki Avatar, it has been said, will happen at the fag end of the Kali Yuga. Moreover, Kalki avatar, according to the scriptures has been said as an Avatar to destroy and not protect. So, in that sense, the Lord will not take a ‘Pratyaksha Avatara’ in Kali Yuga..

Is’nt it this whole universe is the wonderful work of the Lord. Now-a-days we find every place on this earth infected with the negative energy. The question is: Is this because of the effect of Kali Yug or it is created by us? Kindly advise.

Kali yug is not something which is extraneous to us Humans. ‘Kalau Kalmasha Chittanaam..’ Kali lives as ‘negativity’ in the hearts of all. It is clearly said in our Puranas that people living in this age would have more negativity than divine positivity. Thankfully the scriptures also tell us the easy way out – Mahamantra kirtan.

Why does spiritualism enjoy less popularity amongst the young generation? They seem to get easily attracted to all materialistic short-lived pleasures of this world!

Firstly, it is because it is simply nature of the mind to go outside and reach out for trifling worldly pleasures. The problem is that the true philosophy is kept concealed and wrong philosophy is what is being propagated by fake masters. Unfortunately, weak-minded people are caught into it.

In this Kali Yuga, we do mistakes with or without our knowledge. Though I chant the Maha Mantra, having committed so many mistakes in my daily life, I feel ashamed to stand before God and seek for his blessings the next time. What should I do?

It is a common for everybody in this world to commit mistakes. Especially the current yuga is notorious enough to compel you to commit mistakes. At the same time, this is not to encourage you to commit mistakes. It is not a grave sin as long as the mistakes are because of the fact that you are unable to control your senses. Chant the Maha Mantra without the feeling of guilt. As you chant it continuously, it will slowly bring a transformation in you even without your knowledge.

When will Kali Yuga end? I wish the universe will follow all the dharma mentioned in the Vedas.

Kali Yuga will not end in the near future. Even after this Kali Yuga, the next Yuga will start without a Pralaya. However, a lot of Mahatmas have foreseen a world with peace and non-violence. Rites, rituals and other religious practices will not exist in their true sense and they cannot be practiced in this Yuga. Nama Sankirtan and devotion will spread all over the world as that is the Dharma prescribed by the Vedas for the Kali Yuga.