What is so special about Lord Krishna?

Even to this day, we find that people are attracted towards many Mahatmas like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Mother Saradamani, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, so on and so forth. Without these incarnations, it would not have been possible to understand the greatness of faith, devotion, worship and the fact that God can be realized. All Incarnations are also being ‘powered’ by the infinite force called God.
The God took many incarnations like Matsya, Kurma etc. These were ‘aavesha avataras’ taken for a specific purpose. God – the infinite force itself has come down with all Sodhasa kalas (16 aspects) as Lord Krishna. so he is Poornavatar (the wholesome incarnation). If you think of Lord without any attributes as Brahman, that is Krishna. So He is the supreme.

Is there any difference between Lord Krishna’s Vishwa Rupa and Virat Rupa?

The huge form of the Lord spanning from the earth to thesky is the Lord’s Virat Swarupa. Seeing this glorious form of the Lord with all the Devas and other forms within Him is Vishwa Rupa.

When God assumed His Krishna Avatar and ended His divine pastime on earth, did He leave a human and material body like common people, or did He disappear by His Yoga Maya? I read sometime that His mortal remains were miraculously transported into Jagannath archa murti?

Lord Krishna lived for 125 years. Throughout His lifetime, He performed innumerable lilas. When it was time for Sri Krishna to give up His mortal coil and when all the gods and sages curiously awaited His final divine lila, the Lord disappeared into Srimad Bhagavatam. Srimad Bhagavatam is verily Sri Krishna.

What is the meaning of the word Narayana?

As per “amarakosam”, the following are the meanings of the word “narayana”
1. the one from whom all the incarnations arise
2. the one within whom the entire cosmos is present
3. Son of the rishi Nara
4. the one who cannot be known by shabda (He who is beyond that)
5. the one who resides in jala(water- here means the ‘pralaya’ or deluge)

What does the word Hari mean? How does it denote the Supreme Being ?

The word Hari does have many meanings. The specialty and uniqueness of the Vedas is that the very same Vedas that speaks about those occult ideals that are out of reach of the human intellect, like, life after death, heaven, hell etc., also proclaims that Hari is the Supreme Being. This very fact is the ‘Pramana’ (authority) for holding Sri Hari as the Supreme Being.

What is the import of Lord Vishnu and his related incarnations always having a dark complexion?

When nothing is left, what remains is darkness. So when the whole creation gets absorbed in grand deluge (‘Maha Pralaya’), that which remained (‘sa eka:’) is Lord Vishnu, and hence the dark complexion.

What is pleasing to Krishna? How can I make him happy?

Cheerfulness pleases Him
Sharing with others pleases Him
Sacrifice pleases Him
Giving up ego pleases Him
Selflessness pleases Him
All beautiful things please Him
Helping others pleases Him
Flowers please Him
Honesty pleases Him
Truth pleases Him
Simplicity pleases Him
An open heart pleases Him
Patience pleases Him
Not finding fault with others pleases Him
Unconditional love pleases Him
Caring for cows pleases Him
Caring for Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) pleases Him
Feeding the poor and feeding His devotees pleases Him
Non-violence (‘ahimsa’) pleases Him
Serving the Guru (Master) pleases Him
Witnessing and accepting all the happenings in the world as His play pleases Him more than anything else.

My elders say that keeping a picture of Sri Krishna holding a flute at home is not auspicious. Is it true?

The flute held by Sri Krishna is the very embodiment of bliss and happiness. Many Mahans long to hear the sweet notes of His flute, which they consider as the ‘anAhata dhvani’.
When Maha Mantra is chanted before this wonderful, rare and beautiful form of the Lord with flute in his hands, Sri Krishna shall play it melodiously and bring great happiness and joy, in addition to fulfilling your wishes and granting innumerable boons.
Get rid of all the wrong sentiments and enjoy the boundless grace of the Lord.
If people are afraid to keep the picture of our Lord Sri Krishna with a flute, which is an instrument of celebration and joy, what would they say of the pictures of Mother holding a trident and that of Lord Muruga holding a ‘vel’ (spear)!