Nowadays people are suffering from the grave disease called diabetes. Kindly show us a way to cure this illness.

Take flax seed oil as per medical prescription. That will help countering diabetes. It can be taken as a preventive medicine.

My health is not so good, especially my eyes. Please tell me a solution.

Pray to Lord Surya by doing 11 Surya Namaskars everyday. You will see improvement.

I don’t get sound sleep at night. What should I do?

Here are a few practical steps you can follow to get a sound sleep at night:
1. Take a shower before going to bed
2. Listen to soothing, melodious music or some good lectures / discourses.
3. Read good books at bedtime
4. Have your dinner well ahead of your going to bed
5. Don’t take any oil-fried diet in your dinner
6. Avoid coffee / tea before going to bed
7. Perform some physical exercises (even if it is jogging on a treadmill) everyday. This will give a sound sleep at night
8. Avoid viewing television channels when lying down on the bed.
9. You can practice some Yoga Asanas that will help you relax your body and give you good sleep

I am suffering from asthma since my childhood. Is there any cure for this?

Yes there is a cure for this. Take some black peppers and a few Bilwa leaves. Crush these two well and consume it every morning, before taking in any food, in an empty stomach. Your asthma will be cured soon.