What is life and who is God?

When anyone touches you, you feel it, don’t you? That consciousness is God.
When you consume food, you feel its taste, don’t you? That consciousness is God.
When there is a sound, you hear it, don’t you? That consciousness is God.
When there is a fragrant flower, you sense the smell, don’t you? That consciousness is God.
When there is a beautiful sight, you perceive the vision, don’t you? That consciousness is God.
God is nothing but the all-pervading consciousness.
Becoming one with the consciousness by removing the blocks that prevent it – that truly is Life.

What should be the aim of life? To merge with the Oneness or to render constant devotional service to the Lord?

To realize the Lord Krishna within you – that is the aim of life.

What is the purpose of life?

The true purpose of life is to realize the Supreme Self.

Every birth has a purpose, how do I discover that purpose apart from the liberation of life. Kindly explain.

Whatever you are doing right now will automatically take you to the very purpose of life. You need not set out to explicitly find that.

Even though I know everything will happens according to God’s wishes I am still struck in real life. Please help me.

You catch hold of the Mahamantra. That will help you come out of all the problems you are struck with in real life.

Why is human life so painful? Is it because of Kali Yuga or because of our Karma?

When a child is ill, the mother gives medicines to it. The child initially refuses to take the medicine owing to its bitterness. For a moment, the mother diverts the attention of the child through some play. Then again, the mother tries to feed the medicine. The mother will continue to do so, without giving up, until the child takes the medicine completely, wouldn’t she?
In the same way, God gives us sufferings to realize that the state that you live in is not your true state. When the sufferings become unbearable, he distracts you by giving you a sigh of relief. However it continues to trouble you and will not leave you until you realize your true nature which is the Self.
The simplest way towards this goal is by chanting the Mahamantra.

What should be the goal of human life? 1. Should it be to realize God and attain Moksha? 2. Should it be a social service activity like – building an orphanage, hospital etc.? 3. Should it be a challenging act like – becoming a big business person, Scientist, Chief minister etc.?

Moksha is the primary purpose of life. If the rest of them aid in attaining this purpose, they can be performed.

How do we know that we are in the right path or not in life?

If we have faith in the Almighty and worship Him in any path prescribed by the great devotees and the Vedas, then we are in the right path. If not, then we are not!

1. How can I get mental peace? 2. How can I attain God? 3. What is the way to success? 4. Is it possible to earn a lot of money? Please let me know.

You have wished for ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’ (wealth), ‘Kama’ (ambitions) and ‘Moksha’ (God). Srimad Bhagavatam says that all these four can be attained by performing service to Lord Sri Hari.
Chanting the Mahamantra and pleasing the Lord is the easiest way to serve Sri Hari. So start chanting right away and attain these four very easily.

If life is a series of experiences based on our karma, where is the doership for anybody?

That is true. It is ideal not to have the sense of doership at all. However we forget this very fact due to the veil of Maya and we tend to attach the sense of ownership to each and every act and each and every thing in our life, every moment of our life. That is the reason for all the sufferings. The true realization and experience of this fact will dawn only by the grace of God, which can be invoked easily through chanting the Mahamantra.