UDYOG 2023, Mumbai

By the abundant grace of our Satgurunathar, the 4th edition of UDYOG, the free career counselling workshop was held in Mumbai on the 2nd of Dec 2023, at Zaveriben Auditorium, Ghatkopar East, and the event went off very well.

A total of around 525 students from 11 schools and 4 Junior colleges were present in the event.

The students were addressed by four speakers who stressed on the fact that passion for a particular goal and the hard work to reach there are definitely needed in any career.

Ms.Renuka Ramnath gave a Biographical background stressing that even when she was six years old she put across her individual perspective in any point of discussions.Her academics achievements were underlined by joining the Engineering stream despite her parents apprehensions as they thought that she is too fragile to handle factory apprenticeship. But she had her way. These were highlighted for the students to have a clarity in their pursuits. Her Banking career and her shift to head the ICICI ventures, the challenges faced by her and the ultimate success in the post. The advice received from her spiritual guru was highlighted as to her reason to fight the odds and come successful. The central points of her talk was to identify and work towards a purpose in Life, to think out of the Box, and single-minded devotion and hard work. The children were also told to cultivate an Empathetic Nature to help others also.

The second speaker, Ms. Nishi Walavalkar, Academic Consultant for Trinity London & Director NVCDC started with how important Communication is for our everyday life & for any career that we choose going ahead. She elaborated on the power of Communication in transforming one’s life. She wonderfully explained students the various programs offered by Trinity college London on Communication, their benefits in the curriculum and upgrading one’s interpersonal skills. Addressing to students questions, Ms Nishi explained on consciousness vs shyness and told students the importance of Q cards in any communication. She emphasized that for any successful communication the 5 important things are posture, gesture, eye contact, facial expression and voice modulation. Her takeaway message that one should always be first acceptable to oneself and not worry about what others will judge about you greatly boosted the confidence level of students. The various levels in Trinity exams were very well received by students.

Mr Manoj Deshmukh highlighted the interconnected nature of Academic disciplines and stressed the importance to be versatile. Opportunities are plenty and if the students concentrate and study well, there is no dearth of scholarship if they are from economically weaker class of the society. He highlighted the various career options available to those who choose the science field and subsequently want to become engineers. Similarly, the students aspiring for a medical career, who cannot afford private colleges, in the event of not getting admissions in Govt colleges, should go for Para medical fields like courses in X-ray technology , CAT AND MRI operatives, Pathology, Nursing etc. He specified the job opportunities in Sustainability and Environment field and the need for it in the present conditions. He encouraged the students not to be diffident in their approach, they should cultivate the habit of thinking for themselves and also talk on behalf of themselves. He stressed on hard work and dedication without which he said nothing can be achieved.

Mr Vikramjit Singh Rooprai the Media influencer was the last speaker but the most popular one. His entire speech was out of the box in that, he did not go for the route of conventional wisdom. He encouraged them to question till they received their answers.
Interspersing his narrative with anecdotes from his personal life, he told them that reason stands atop of everything. He encouraged them to voice out their opinion even against what conventions that are taught to them as long as they do not rebel for rebelling’s sake. He made the session so very interactive. The students lapped up this kind of interaction and gave vent to their apprehensions about so many career opportunities and which one to choose. He answered them to go for what they liked and for which they feel that they have the aptitude for. But he advised them to go with their full heart and mind behind what ever they do or choose. He assured them that was what worked for him. The students greatly enjoyed his informal style of presentation and queued up enthusiastically for clicking keepsake pictures with him.

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  • Subha Muthuraman December 6, 2023, 4:24 pm

    Radhe Radhe. Pranams and Prostrations to Guruji Maharaj’s Holy Feet. Blessed indeed we’re to be basking in the Divine Umbrella of our Revered Guruji Maharaj who Walks with us, in every phase of our lives! Championship attitude is instilled in Young Minds, at appropriate times, by Guruji Maharaj by Orchestrating such programs that are awe-inspiring and energizing. The above comprehensive write up summarizing the quintessence of each and every Sagacious Speaker’s conveyance is enriching and enlightening! Grateful to Guruji Maharaj for these Incredible Programs that transports the younger generations’ mindset to a higher pedestal, throwing open a repertoire of opportunities that would transform their lives from being pedestrians to elite citizens!

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