Worldly Wisdom

The Wise Sparrow

Balance is the secret of success. Mahabharata deals with this golden precept very well. We discussed earlier how even an enemy could be relied on when we need a bail out. No one is an eternal enemy
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The Tiger and the Jackal

Appearance can be deceptive. Mahabharata talks in detail about this valuable adage. In this week’s edition, we discuss this through a Mahabharata story. Read on.. In ancient times, in a city
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An ancient ‘Tom and Jerry’ story

Our actions are guided by our thoughts and the thoughts by Values, Values in turn by our principles. The wise clearly understand this and they choose carefully and intelligently. Every choice is
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The Protector

This week we present another profound story from the Mahabharatha. Sri Bheesmacharya tells Dharmaputra, the need to protect those who want to protect us! This tale has so much to teach on the
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