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Hyderabad Patasala Graduation Ceremony

Sri Premika Vedashramam under the management of Sri Sandeepani Gurukula Trust (A.P) was established in Hyderabad on 08.11.2005. Krishna Yajur Veda is taught here currently. Patasala is running in
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A Note to our Namadwaar Family

Every year we celebrate Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi by organising various events. Considering the pandemic situation and the government protocols this year, if you desire to do some activity towards
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Prayers for a devotee

Ms. Komalaji, a long-term devotee of Sri Swamiji, attained the feet of Sri Krishna on 13th February 2020. It is to be noted that Sri Swamiji has stayed in her place for nearly 6 months in the early
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Nitya Upavasi at Jabalpur

  An interesting news item caught the attention of our beloved master Sri Swamiji. It was about an old lady who was on a fast for the past about three decades with a  prayer for the
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Food for Divine Thought

Bhagavan – Imagining the Truth We all say and hear, ‘Bhagavan!’, ‘Bhagavan!’ But that ‘Bhagavan’ eludes us. He cannot be ‘found’ by the five
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Let’s Celebrate the Virtue

We celebrate Diwali on the day Lord Krishna killed Narakasura. It wasnt Bhagavan Krishna who wanted this day to be celebrated. It was Narakasura who asked this for his last wish. We may wonder why we
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