Satsangs at Satur and Sivakasi

By the grace of Sri Guruji, Sri Bagavatha Katha from 20.05.22 to 26.05.22 was done by Sri Ramaswamiji at Murugan Temple Mandapam, Satur. 100 to 120 devotees attended the lecture on all days. On the last day, the Satsang concluded with a special mass prayer with Mahamantra and Nagarasankirtan was performed around the temple. Over 200 devotees attended the Satsang on the last day.

Satsang at Sivakasi :
By the grace of Sri Swamiji, various Satsangs on Namamahima were done by Sri Ramaswamiji at Sivakasi and the surrounding villages.
On 22.05.2022 a special Satsang on Guru Mahima was done at the Sivakasi Namadwaar. 100 devotees attended the satsang.
On the 23rd, a Satsang was done at Parasakthi colony.
On 24th, a Satsang was done at Maninagar in Sivakasi.
On 25th, a Satsang was done at Viswanatham village near Sivakasi.
On 26th, as it was Ekadasi, there was a special Nagarasankirtan on the main street of Sivakasi with our Thakurji.

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