Sri Swamiji’s satsangs in October’19

On the occasion of Navaratri, Sri Swamiji was in Ashram from 29th September, where Ramayana Navaham and Navaratri Pooja was done in the morning, and Radhika Shathakam was sung in the evening, daily.

On 4th evening, Sri Swamiji went to Vittalapuram, where, thirumanjanam and Purappadu was done for Sri Santhanalakshmi and then Sri Swamiji returned to Ashram to continue with the Navaratri celebrations. The Navaratri celebrations went on till the 7th.

On 5th, Sri Swamiji performed Thirumanjanam to Kanyakumari Sri Jaya Hanuman on the auspicious Moola Nakshatram.

On 6th evening, Sri Swamiji offered the Kalasa Theertham worshipped during Navaham, as abhishekam to Bhagavan Sri Rama at Maharanyam Temple.

On 8th, being Vijayadasami – Pradishta Dhinam of Sri Srinivasa Perumal at Premika Bhavanam. Sri Swamiji offered Shravana Deepam to Perumal. Hundreds of bhaktas were blessed with theertha pasadam. Evening – divya namam at Premika Bhavanam.

On 9th, being Ekadesi, Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Madhurapuri Ashram and did thirumanjanam for Madhurisakhi Sametha Premika Varadhan.

Sri Swamiji stayed at Madhurapuri Ashram in japa and dhyana on 10th and 11th. On 11th evening, Sri Swamiji had darshan of Sri Varadharaja Perumal at Kanchipuram and stayed at Keerthanavali Mandapam.

On 12th morning, hundreds of bhaktas thronged Sri Kalyana Srinivasa Perumal temple on the last saturday of Purattasi month and received the blessings of Perumal and Sri Swamiji. In the evening, Sri Swamiji discoursed at the grand Bhagavatha Mela at Ullagaram.

On 13th evening, Sri Swamiji discoursed at the grand Bhagavatha Mela at Ullagaram.

On 14th and 15th, Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam.

Sri Swamiji left from Ashram on 17th morning and reached Govindapuram. Sri Swamii had darshan at Sri Bodhendral Adhistanam and Sri Yogiramsurathkumar Bhajanashramam an stayed at Govindapuram.

On 18th morning Sri Swamiji had Thula Snanam at holy Cauvery river at Govindapuram and later left for Seganoor and led the Rohini purapaadu there. Sri Swamiji later proceeded to Madurai Namadwaar and did a prayer satsang. Around 150 people joined.
Sri Swamiji stayed at Madurai Namadwaar for the night.


On 19th morning, Sri Swamiji reached Tuticorin and gave darshan at the Tuticorin Namadwaar. Later in the evening, Sri Swamiji gave a lecture at Subbiah Vidyalayam where around 1000 devotees participated.


On 20th morning, Sri Swamiji inaugurated Sivathiyapuram Namadwaar in Tuticorin district. Sri Swamiji gave prasad to all devotees. Sri Swamiji then made few house visits and also visited Sri Yogiramsurathkumar Bhajanasramam at Pudukottai, Tuticorin district. Sri Swamiji later visited the Tuticorin Namadwaar, followed by a lecture where around 900 devotees joined. Sri Swamiji then left for Tirunelveli Namadwaar and stayed there for the night.

On 21st morning. Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Tirunelveli Namadwaar. Sri Swamiji then went to Ambasamudram Namadwaar and gave darshan. Sri Swamiji did Bhoomi Puja for the proposed new Namadwaar construction at Ambasamudram. Sri Swamiji also visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram there and proceeded to Sivakasi. In the evening, Sri Swamiji gave a lecture at Master Printers Kalyana Mandapam where around 2000 devotees joined.

On 22nd morning, Sri Swamiji had darshan at Sri Yogiramsurathkumar Bhajanasramam, Sivakasi and then made house visits. Sri Swamiji then went to Thayilpatti and did a satsang there and made a few house visits. Sri Swamiji then visited Sattur Namadwaar. In the evening, Sri Swaiji gave darshan at Sivakasi Namadwaar and went for the lecture which was attended by more than 1600 devotees. Later Sri Swamiji went to Virudhunagar Namadwaar for the night.

On 23rd evening Sri Swamiji returned to Madhurapuri ashram.
On 24th Sri Swamiji performed ekadasi thirumanjanam to Madhuri sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varadan and gave theertha prasadam to all bhaktas.
On 25th Sri Swamiji was at ashram in japa and dhyana.
On 26th Sri Swamiji came to Chennai for recording of Deepavali Anugraha Bhashanam for YouTube channels.
On 27th being Deepavali, Sri Swamiji performed thirumanjanam to Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadan and the children in satsang burst crackers and celebrated. Sri Swamiji left for Bangalore by afternoon and In the evening, Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Sri Sundara Anjaneya Swami Temple at Bengaluru.
On 28th being the Thirunakshatram day of Sri Swamiji, bhaktas thronged for Sri Swamiji’s darshan and Prasad at Sri Sundara Anjaneya Swami temple at Bengaluru. Divya Namam was performed by satsang bhagavathas in the evening at Seetharama Hall.
On 29th Sri Swamiji inaugurated the Namadwaar at Mantapa Village at Bannerghatta and left for Chennai.

On 30th and 31st, Sri Swamiji was at Chennai in japa and dhyana.



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