Sri Swamiji’s satsangs in June’19

On June 1st and 2nd- Sri Swamiji attended the Radha Kalyanam satsang by kids led by Srivanchiam Sri Murali Bhagavathar at Ayodhya Mandapam.

On June 2nd, in the afternoon Sri Swamiji left for Senganoor.

On 3rd morning, Sri Swamiji participated in the ‘Rohini’ purappadu at Senganoor and then left for Thanjavur in the evening and inaugurated the new Namadwaar.

On 4th, Sri Swamiji returned to Govindapuram, where satsangs were held at Chaitanya Kuteeram and at Sri Gnananda Swami’s Paduka Bhavanam. Later, Sri Swamiji, with Sri Sriram from Houston and Sri Venkatesan, went to Swami Sri Vijayendra Theerthar Moola Brindavanam and Swami Sri Rama Chandra Theerthar Moola Brindavanam at Amarendra Puram.

On 5th Sri Swamiji once again visited Thanjavur Namadwaar to hold an administrative meeting and then left for Chennai and gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam in the evening.

On 6th, Sri Swamiji attended a private satsang by the Muscat satsangis.

Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam on 7th & 8th morning, and then in the afternoon left for Kanchipuram, where Sri Swamiji had darshan at Sri Pandava Dhoothan temple, and halted for the night at the Keerthanavali mandapam.

On 9th morning, Sri Swamiji reached Gudiyaatham and inaugurated the new Namadwaar, after which Sri Swamiji visited Srinivasa Perumal temple at Gudiyaatham. In the evening, Sri Swamiji attended the carnatical vocal arangetram of Ms. Madhura Sriram- from GOD Houston.

Sri Swamiji was in Chennai on the 10th, and attended a home satsang in Villivakkam on 11th evening.

Sri Swamiji gave darshan at premika bhavanam on 12th morning and left for ashram in the evening.

Sri Swamiji was at Madhurapuri Ashram on 13th for ekadesi and then left for senganoor,

On 14th morning, Sri Swamiji blessed the wedding of Sri Gayatri Prasad in the morning and the engagement function of Jayavrathan in the evening. Sri Swamiji went to Shuddha Premika Vidya Kendra at Senganoor and took classes for the patasaala students.

On 15th morning, Sri Swamiji had darshan of Sri Oppiliappan Temple, Naachiyaar temple and Thirucherai temple with Sri Ramanujam and Sri Venkatesan.

On 16th morning Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam and in the evening attended a satsang at Nanganallur at Sri Guruvayoorappan Aastika Samajam. After this satsang, Sri Swamiji made several house visits at Nanganallur.

On 17th morning, Sri Swamiji gave darshan at Premika Bhavanam, and attended a home satsang for Srimad Bhagavatham sapthaham poorthi.

On 18th & 19th evening, Sri Swamiji attended home satsangs in Chennai.

On 21st morning, Sri Swamiji left for Bangalore to attend the Bangalore Namadwaar anniversary celebrations scheduled to take place on 23.06.2019.

On 22nd, Sri Swamiji gave darshan in the evening at Sri Sundara Anjaneya Temple.

on 23rd, Sri Swamiji participated in the Namadwaar anniversary celebrations which was celebrated in a grand manner.

On 24th, 25th and 26th, Sri Swamiji was at Madhurapuri Ashram.

On 27th morning, Sri Swamiji attended a Bhagavtha Sapthaham at Mylapore and then stayed back at Chennai.

On 28th, Sri Swamiji attended bhajan satsang and divyanamam at Mylapore and then went to Madhurapuri Ashram for the night.

29th being Ekadasi, Sri Swamiji did Ekadasi thirumanjanam for Madhurisakhi and Premika Varadhan and gave theertha prasadam. After that, Sri Swamiji returned to Chennai and attended a Radha Kalyanam at Mylapore.

On 30th, Sri Swamiji left for Panruti, where he attended a Radha Kalyanam and then left for Senganoor.

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