Sri Swamiji’s satsangs in December’19

On 1st morning, Sri Swamiji did Thirumanjanam and pooja on Bhagavan Yogiramsurathlumar’s Jayanthi day at Abhayam Bhajan Mandir at Guduvancherry. Sri Swamiji then gave a discourse in West Mambalam between 3pm-4pm. Sri Swamiji then returned to Abhayam in the evening for satsang.

From 2nd to 6th – satsang at Premika Bhavanam and Sri Swamiji took class for the students of Shuddha Premika Vidya Kendra.

On 7th Sri Swamiji inaugurated the higher senior secondary block at Vivekananda Vidyalaya – Mudichur. In the evening Sri Swamiji went to Pammal Namadwaar for the commencement of Srimad Bhagavatham sapthaham and then went to the ashram.

On 8th morning, being Ekadasi, Sri Swamiji did thirumanjanam for Madhurisakhi and Premika varadhan and gave darshan at Ashram. In the evening, and on 9th Sri Swamiji was in Japa and Dhyana at Ashram.

On 10th, Sri Swamiji celebrated Karthigai Deepam at Ashram and did purapaadu for MadhuriSakhi Sametha Premika Varadhan. In the evening, Theppotsavam was celebrated at Narayana Saras.

On 11th, Sri Swamiji left for Senganoor early in the morning and in the evening Sri Swamiji attended Kalyana Utsavam at Senganoor Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.

On 12th, Sri Guruji attended Rohini purapadu of the Holy Padhuka of Sadguru. Sri Swamiji then held a satsang at Senganoor Arch Namadwaar. In the evening, Sri Swamiji led the Thanga Ther (Golden Chariot) purapadu of Senganur Sri Srinivasa Perumal.

On 13th and 14th, Sri Swamiji was at Premika Janmasthan taking classes for the students of the Shuddha Premika Vidya Kendra.

On 15th evening Sri Swamiji visited Thanjavur Namadwaar, On 16th morning, Sri Swamiji attended satsang at Siddhar Ashram in Thanjavur  and then reached Chennai at night.

On 17th morning – It was the start of the margazhi thiruppavai chanting at Premika Bhavanam. In the evening Sri Swamiji reached Ashram, where Srimad Bhagavatham mahatmyam parayanam was held.

From 18th – 24th : Srimad Bhagavaham sapthaham – Margazhi thiruppavai recital and pooja, followed by parayanam in the morning, and lecture on Dasamaskandam by Sri Swamiji in the evening.

On 22nd, being Ekadasi, Sri Swamiji did thirumanjanam for MadhuriSakhi Premika Varadhan.

On 25th morning, the usual margazhi thiruppavai recital was carried out. In the evening, special thirumanjanam and pooja for Kanyakumari Sri Jaya Hanuman on the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanthi.

On 26th (solar eclipse), Sri Swamiji was at ashram in japa and dhyana in the morning, and adhyayana utsavam in the evening.

On 27th, Sri Swamiji was at ashram for the poorthi of he Adhyayana Utsavam.

From 28th – 31st, Sri Swamiji was at Premika Bhavanam for the Margazhi pooja during the mornings.


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