Rise of Margazhi

‘Rise of Margazhi’ has been curated this year to immerse rasikas across the globe, as a digital experience. Global Organisation for Divinity in association with Flute ‘n Feather Dance Company, Natyarpana Dance Company and Layyasaaram Institute of Indian Classical Arts, is bringing to you a festive series that entails:

Thithikkum Thiruppavai: A bouquet of Pasurams with visual story-telling

Madhura Ruchi: ‘Sacred Offerings’, where celebrated food raconteurs will infuse the spirit of margazhi with culinary tales and/or a demo

Sapta Swarayutham and Navarasa Natyam: Vocal and Bharathanatyam offerings of Madhurageethams by established and rising artistes (Divine Compositions of Sri Swamiji)

Parambarya Pokkisham – Bringing featured artists from traditional art forms, such as Kolams, Couture, Krishna Art, and Garland-stringing.

This year, the theme for the festival is Madhurageethams, compositions of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.  Every artist in the lineup has come forward to render a Madhurageetham on this occasion.

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We are delighted to present to you links to videos that will give you an insight into this grand celebration of arts.

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