Janmashtami Celebration Guidelines to all Namadwaars

Our beloved master blessed this service to all of us.

As we all know Sri Janmashtami is the most awaited, most joyously celebrated utsav by our Sri Swamiji. This year also, Sri Swamiji blessed that all GOD Namadwaars/GOD satsangs worldwide can celebrate Sri Jayanthi nicely and grandly. The suggested guidelines are enclosed :

On Janmashtami evening: (3rd Sep @ Madhurapuri)

– Decorate Namadwaars

– Decorate Divine Couple/if Utsavar we can do thirumanjanam(abhishekam)

– Do archana of Krishnar /Lakshmi

– Offer butter, beaten rice, milk khoa, ( if possible seedai, murukku)

– During time close to midnight, read first three chapters of tenth canto Srimad Bagavatam.

– Do deeparadhana during midnight

– Take a little Krishna and put in cradle

– Give unbroken rice and a small coin (beeja daanam)

– Sing namavali and dance around cradle

– Gents separately / ladies separately

– One can dress as Nanda Maharaja and bring little Krishna to the cradle and do bhajans

– We can do kolaattam (dandia) around Krishna also.

We can economically advertise and invite many
GOD satsang people can hire a hall and do this one day programme

On other days :

● Bhagavatha Saptaham parayanam
● If not possible atleast tenth canto parayanam
● Evening katha by someone in satsang
● We can also project Sri Swamiji’s ‘Brindavanamum Nandakumaranum’ DVD
● On Dwadasi – we can celebrate Govinda Pattabishekam
● After 7 days @ nearby weekend we can do Radha Kalyanam
● We can do Nikunjotsava seva by local artist also
Only on Janmashtami Namadwaar or program can go upto midnight. Rest of days close by 10:00pm.

Ensure no disturbance to neighbours.

Local magazines/ media can cover this.

By our beloved Sri Swamiji krupa, let us all celebrate the joy of the descent of our most beloved Thakurji

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