The Hidden Secret!

Once there lived a Mahatma on the banks of the holy Ganga.
He was one of the fewest saints of the highest order living at that time and as bees are drawn to pure nectar, genuine spiritual seekers took refuge at his holy feet in a bid to progress in their spiritual disciplines. The master that he was, he guided every spiritual aspirant in a path that was best suited for him. He was an embodiment of love and affection.
There lived an young man in Southern India who wanted to attain the highest state of spirituality. He had listened to many discourses and read scriptures widely. He genuinely felt an intense urge to seek the guidance of a self-realized Guru. Every day this was the constant prayer that he made when he performed pooja at his home.
“O Bhagavan! I may be an undeserving person; I may not have accumulated great merits; I may not have the dispassion or commitment that is required to attain God Realization… I myself am aware of all my drawbacks but I wish to realize you. You are full of compassion! Please take charge of my life in the form of a Guru! Please show me the way!” Day and Night he pleaded with God with this only prayer in his heart.
God does listen to all our prayers, does he not? The day came when God decided to reach out to him. He came to know of this Great Mahatma who lived in the banks of Ganga. The joy and thrill that he felt was indescribable. He ran to the Pooja room and prostrated again and again thanking God “Bhagavan! you are so kind to this undeserving soul – I only beg thee that the Guru must accept me, He should at least cast a momentary glance on me, He should guide me, this is my only request to you Bhagavan!”
The very next day he set out with the blissful thoughts about having dharshan of the Mahatma. At the same time he was also trembling in fear within that he may not be accepted as he felt that he did not deserve it in this lifetime. Along the journey he offered mental prayers to God that he should be accepted by the Guru.
He reached the ashram finally and rushed to the abode of Guru. He fell at the Master’s feet overwhelmed with emotions. He did not even have to utter a word to the Guru, the Guru picked him up and looked him in the eye most compassionately. That very look said it all. Our friend attempted to say few things. The Guru simply said ” My son! say no more… I know where you come from, I know why Bhagavan has led you to me, I know what your destination is, you are finally home where you belong!” The disciple was in tears. He finally understood the actual meaning of the words ‘Compassion’, ‘Love’ and ‘Mercy’.
He use to go around telling everybody he met “Have no doubt that our Master is the personification of Krupa! How else can someone like me find a place here?”
Years rolled by and just as the lotus blooms at the sight of the Sun, the mere presence of the Guru blessed the disciple with tremendous spiritual progress. He became well versed in the scriptures and also progressed in his spiritual practices.
At one point the Master directed him to go out in to the world and narrate the glories of The God.
The disciple was very hesitant. He said – ‘I myself have not realized fully… I know where I came from. How would I fit into the role of a teacher? Only you can teach, Guru Maharaj!’ The Master said – ‘do not think that it is by your effort or capability; but do it because your Guru has told you, God will take care of you.’
Thus began the journey of the disciple, back into the world, he became a famous ‘Pravachana Karta’ (one who delivers spiritual discourses). His spiritual lecture became the talk of the town. People did not see him as just as a speaker but looked up to him for spiritual guidance. Thousands of people thronged to have his dharshan and to get his counsel. His fame in the world shot sky-high. He used to tell everyone that the only way to God realization is the destruction of the ego and that can happen at the holy feet of a True Master.
Many years rolled by, one day with the huge group of his own followers and disciples he happened to visit Varanasi. As he was interacting with his people, he heard a distant frail yet familiar voice call out his name in a manner that would otherwise be considered disrespectful. He turned in that direction angrily and so did his followers. He was the world famous teacher now; who would dare to address him disrespectfully? What he saw was most shocking and unexpected – His own Guru was right there, calling out to him with the same love and liberty as he did many many years ago when he first saw him!
For a moment he felt overjoyed at the sight of his Master but he also felt “if I acknowledge him now before all these people, what would they think of me? My master could have at least considered the context before addressing me by my name… should he not thought of this before? it is very embarrassing for me”.
These thoughts were racing in his mind as he wondered if he should prostrate before his Guru. The Guru too smiled at him in the same manner that he did on the very first day. The smile said “I know it all my son”. The Guru quietly walked away.
How deceptive the sense of Ego is! Just when we think that we have a grip over it, it pops up in the most unexpected manner. This truly is the hidden secret that Guru’s grace alone can help, decipher and conquer.