Respect for women

Respect for women has been one of the basic tenets of Sanathana Dharma.
Once in a gathering, ‘Kalki’ R. Krishnamurthy (a renowned writer and the founder of the tamil magazine ‘Kalki’), MS. Subbukakshmi, Sri Sadasivam and Sri Rajagopalachari were on the dais. It was a gathering to felicitate Ms. MS. Subbulakshmi during which Sri Rajagopalachari was to present a garland to MS. ‘Amma’.
As soon as he took the garland in his hand, went over to Subbulakshmi and asked if he could garland her. MS Amma did not find anything wrong. He then turned to Sri Sadasivam, who was her husband and sought his permission. Sri Sadasivam gave his assent. All the dignitaries on the dais expressed their assent.
When everyone expected that Rajaji would present the garland to the class singer, he walked over to the microphone. Alluding to the dignitaries on the dais, he began, ‘I requested for MS Amma’s permission to present the garland to her. She gave her assent. Her spouse Sri Sadasivam Iyer gave his nod too. Kalki Krishnamurthyji and other dignitaries too approved of my presenting the garland to her.’
He looked at the crowd and continued, ‘But the faith that I follow does not permit me to garland any woman other than my wife. I am sorry!’
He then walked over to Sri Sadasivam and requested him to garland his better half!