Fond memories of bliss – Part 41

I have accompanied His Holiness on umpteen trips and to many devotees’ homes. It is no exaggeration that every trip and every visit has been a novel experience to me. In every instance Sri Sri Swamiji has never failed to give surprises to me!

Once I accompanied Sri Swamiji to Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.
A family came to have Sri Sri Swamiji’s darshan. The family had been facing quite a few problems in the past and they vented it out to Sri Sri Swamiji. Sri Sri Swamiji consented to visit their house. I happened to accompany Him too.

As soon as Sri Sri Swamiji entered the house, He asked the inmates if they were performing Ganapathy Homam. Everyone’s face lit up in surprise! It was the first time that Sri Sri Swamiji meeting them and visiting their place and they wondered how Sri Sri Swamiji came to know about this!

They immediately replied that they were performing Ganapathy Homam every Friday. As Sri Sri Swamiji arrived into the hall of the house, He asked them yet another question, ‘Has a dog been buried in the precincts of this house?’

The head of the family replied in the affirmative and took Swamiji to the garden. He showed Sri Swamiji the location where they had buried a dog some time back.

Sri Sri Swamiji suggested appropriate remedies, which the family duly carried out. Soon, their problems considerably reduced and they were happy.