Fond memories of bliss – Part 40

Let me narrate an incident that happened during the mass prayer function that was held in Sivakasi.

Sri Kumaravel is a devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji who coordinates the activities in the Sivakasi Kendra. He had taken enormous efforts in ensuring the smooth conduct of the mass prayer in Sivakasi.

Sri Kumaravel’s father, Rajasekarji lives in Madurai. He had come to Sivakasi to visit Sri Kumaravel’s family. The mass prayer was scheduled to take place in the evening and everyone in Sri Kumaravel’s family wished that Sri Rajasekar be present for the function.

Sri Rajasekar was a practicing dentist and being committed to his profession, he wanted to leave Sivakasi in the evening to enable him reach Madurai and make himself available for his job the next morning.

As much as Mr. Kumaravel’s family loved Sri Rajasekar, they had a great sense of reverence and fear for him. They never speak a word against him nor do they go against his wish. Their house inmates yearned for his presence in the mass prayer, but kept their prayers in their hearts and did not speak out a word.

That was when the most surprising thing happened. Sri Sri Swamiji was getting ready to go the mass prayer. The moment he came out of His room, he caught hold of Sri Rajasekar’s hands. He did not let go of it until He reached the mass prayer venue. On reaching the dais, Sri Sri Swamiji asked for a chair to be placed there and seated Sri Rajasekar on it throughout the function!

It was wonderful to see how, without a single word being spoken, Sri Sri Swamiji fulfilled the wish of Sri Kumaravel and his family!