Fond memories of bliss – Part 30

Amongst the devotees who came for Sri Sri Swamiji’s darshan, during His recent visit to Bangalore, was a family known to Sri Sri Swamiji for a long time. The little girl of the family was also there.

Sri Sri Swamiji called the little girl to His side and asked her for her name. She gave her name to Sri Sri Swamiji and moved away. She stood aside with a sad face and Sri Sri Swamiji noticed it. He called her once again and asked her why she wore a sad face.
The little girl immediately burst into tears and said, “Have you forgotten only my name or have you forgotten me altogether? Was it not you who gave me this name? How then could you now ask me for my name?”

Sri Sri Swamiji felt deeply moved by the love and attachment the little girl had towards Him even at this tender age.