Fond memories of bliss – Part 29

My brother Sundararaman works for a multinational software firm. He has been fortunate to bask in the shade of Sri Sri Swamiji’s grace for over 25 years now! Since his early days of association with Sri Sri Swamiji, he has, quite frequently, been expressing his desire to always remain single and serve His Holiness. Every time he expressed his wish, Sri Sri Swamiji would reply, ‘No! Marriage is in your destiny.’
But Sundararaman would reply, “Let marriage be in my destiny! But wherever I am, I shall sincerely pray to you for this one desire of mine – to remain single and be at your service always!”

I have known that he always had this prayer on his lips and in his mind.

Recently, one of his friends felt a deep need to visit an ‘Upaasak’ for some predictions regarding his life. My brother Sundararaman happened to accompany his friend. While the two were there, the ‘Upaasak’, on seeing my brother remarked, “A great divine power is protecting you. You were destined to lead a married life. But destiny has been overcome by the divine power. Hereafter, you are not likely to get maried!”
‘Fate is indeed powerful, but this is yet another illustration that faithful prayers and divine intervention can help overcome destiny,’ I thought.