Conversations with Sri Swamiji – 32

On 19th May 2011, Sri Swamiji gave darshan and lectured in a Satsang organized in a wonderful private lawn of a devotee in Palavakkam in Chennai.

The podium was tastefully decorated – simple and sweet. Sri Swamiji came at 6pm and instructed me to address the crowd for a few minutes. In course of my little address, I just mentioned that even English is a divine language.

After a while Sri Swamiji gave a stupendous lecture to give the people congregated there a clear idea about the roots of our Dharma , how we were called ‘India’, ‘Hindus’ etc. Sri Swamiji went on to elaborate the greatness of our tradition and Sanathana Dharma – that Rationalism and Sanathana Dharma are inseparable. He quoted numerous examples of how deeper principles of modern science are seamlessly embeeded in our Dharma and the Scriptures. The instances he quoted included – color of moon’s soil, composition of light, Newton’s law of gravitation, principle of pendulum, etc. The spell bound crowd were given prasadam by Sri Swamiji Himself.

I was not sure if I were justified in saying that English is a divine language too.

The next day Sri Swamiji casually asked me, ‘You said English is a divine language! Look at word GOD, add its numbers and see what happens!’ Sri Swamiji was smiling broadly. We did a quick addition : G – 7th letter; O – 15th letter, D – 4th letter : 7+15+4 = 26.


26 – which is the total count of alphabets in the English language!