Conversation with Sri Swamiji – 14

Love alone binds Krishna

The Lord is supreme and sovereign and cannot be bound by anything! But, being the very embodiment of Love, He allows Himself to be bound by the soft chords of His devotees’ love. Power, wealth, valour, intellect, or such other merits that are considered supreme in the worldly plane have no power to bind the Lord or draw His Grace!

This can be explained well with two incidents from the Krishnaavataara. In Gokula, when Krishna was a child, Yashoda, though an innocent and simple Gopi, bound him to a mortar with a small rope for having stolen butter. Krishna submitted Himself to this loving punishment as Yashoda was full of affection for the Lord. Later in life, when Krishna went as the messenger of the Pandavas to avoid war, Duryodhana, the Kaurava Prince, ordered his soldiers to bind Krishna with an intention of insulting Him. But, the Lord outwitted him and showed His Cosmic Form and left the palace! Love alone binds Krishna and nothing else!