Conversation with Sri Swamiji – 13

Desire decides

Any situation you are in today, whether it is good or bad, is only the outcome of what you desired! One can understand this when the situations are favorable, but how can one accept that the difficult situations too are the results of our desire! But that is the reality whether we are convinced or not. Let me explain this by a simple example:

You desire to deposit some huge amount of money in a particular bank. But, many advice you not to do so, as that particular bank is not trustworthy. In spite of all the counseling, you go ahead and stubbornly stick on to your decision. Later, when the bank swindles your money, you sit in despondency holding your head, and lament – “Oh! God! Why did I do this? I don’t understand! What a great loss I have incurred!” It was Your desire that landed you in this situation, is it not? So also, all events of your life are the consequences of your desire alone, either in this life or the past!