Total Faith!

Faith and total faith in what we do alone results in success of any endeavor or profession. Sri Kanchi Maha Periava graced a lovely story to illustrate this point!

In a town there lived a famous police inspector and a well known ‘spiritual mentalist’ who practised foretelling by intuition. Many people used to visit his place to get advise on retrieving lost property and the like.
And then one day it happened!
A common thief, robbed from two houses in the town – and the houses happened to be those of the police inspector himself and the house of the foreteller!
Imagine their shocks in the morning!
The first thing the police inspector did was to immediately go to the foretller’s place to get his intuitive insight as to where his stolen property was!
As he walked towards the foreteller’s house, he was pleasantly surprised to find the foreteller himself walking towards th inspector’s house.
After the exchange of pleasantries the policeman told the foreteller his problem. Hearing this, the foreteller started to laugh hysterically! The policeman was a bit offended and asked him as to why he was laughing like this!
Wiping the tears from his eyes the foreteller said, ‘I also lost some property yesterday night and I was coming to meet you to assist me in searching for the lost property as you are a policeman. now I find you coming to me for the same reason. You lacked faith in your work and so did I. now I know I cannot get any result from appealing to you and I guess it wouold be the same in your case too!’
Hence until we have total faith in what we do, how can we scale the heights of success and achievement?