There God is! – Part 2

Where the head bows down,
There God is…
God has the power and the intelligence to create this vast universe consisting of the sun, moon, stars, planets, earth, ocean, etc. He not only creates this vast universe but also operates it. We find each created unit carrying out its allotted work perfectly. The day God decides to end it, He draws it all within Himself.
How does God create this huge universe? How long does it take Him to create this universe? Does it take a day? Or does it take two days?
‘Manasa eva vishvam srujathi’ – the world is created merely by His will.
A person sees a huge palace and broad roads with buses and cars plying over them in his dream. In the morning he describes his dream to his friend. He says, “I had a wonderful dream last night. I saw a huge palace with innumerable rooms and beautiful lights. I found great workmanship in it. I also saw broad roads on which many vehicles were plying.” His friend asks, “Who built that palace? How many days did it take to build it? Who manufactured those vehicles that you spoke of? What did they cost?”
How can it be explained? It was only a picture that had arisen in his mind. In the same way this world is only an image that arises in God’s mind. It did not take days to create this world. At God’s mere sankalpa (will) the world appeared!
God thought and the world appeared. God keeps thinking and the world continues to exist. The moment God thinks “Enough!” the world will disappear! – ‘Manasa eva vishvam srujathi’. By His mere sankalpa the world has come into existence.
Kamban, the great Tamil poet, says, “We surrender unto that Lord who continuously plays the game of creation, sustenance and destruction of this world.” This is the opening prayer of the Kamba Ramayana. God is perpetually carrying out the three works of creation, sustenance and destruction.
‘GOD’ is a wonderful word in English. It is made of three letters ‘G’, ‘O’ and ‘D’.
The letter ‘G’ represents Generator.
Generator means creator. If His responsibility stops with just creation would not everything go haywire?
The letter ‘O’ represents Operator.
His work does not stop with mere creation of this earth, wind, fire, water, space. God also sustains them carefully:
There is some higher power restricting the movement of the ocean. It does not flow onto the land. Someone is taking care of this.
The earth has seen rainless days but never has it been without air, even for a fraction of a second. If this were to happen all creatures would die. Someone is carefully watching over this.
When the earth trembles it swallows everything. But the colossal earth does not quake all over. Someone is taking care of this.
There is rainfall. Someone is taking care of this.
After creating He does not remain indifferent but runs everything in an orderly way. There is continuity in life. Thus, ‘O’ is Operator. God is the operator who runs this world.
Finally, the letter ‘D’ represents Destroyer.