It seems a common trend to talk at length about always wishing well for fellow human beings. It is definitely a noble thought and needs to be executed, undoubtedly. But an unbiased introspection of the tendencies of most men leaves us baffled.
Let us consider the life of a man who consumes alcohol. Who can be considered as the ‘dearest’ to any person in this world? We wonder if it would be his parents, wife, children, siblings, friends, teachers or God.But, are we not forgetting there is one who is dearer to him than all those mentioned above? It is ‘himself’. Who can be dearer to one than himself? If there is one person that he would wish well always, it would be himself. Is it not? However, he still consumes it after realising fully well that it would harm him in every manner possible.

If man is unable to be his own well-wisher, we are left to wonder how he would wish well for the rest of mankind!

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