One cannot come into being in this world without a mother and a father. Parents even do a lot of menial service to the child like cleaning up when the child dirties itself. They also provide for the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of the child. This momentous work done by parents is soon forgotten…

A teacher is instrumental in the intellectual growth of any person. Everyone owes their very livelihood to the training, coaching and mentoring of teachers. But as we move along, we forget the huge favor done to us by our teachers…Parents, teachers, relatives, friends are all in the immediate proximity of a person. God, who created this wonderful Universe that is perfectly suited for human life, is not to be seen in proximity.

When people tend to easily forget the favors they received even from those who they see and emote with closely, is it a wonder then that most of the populace forgets the grand favor bestowed on us by God, who is not perceived anywhere near?

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