Generally, we are thankful to one who has done us a good turn. When we stand to gain due to another’s help either financially, materially or physically we feel grateful to him. We revere this person who has helped us. If the help was a timely one, we feel moved. But this alone cannot be a sign of our gratitude. For example, let us say that someone, through his hard earned money, helps us get admitted in a good school, offers us boarding and lodging, and meets all our needs. It is indeed right that we verbally and mentally thank him. But would this suffice? His intention in helping was for us to get educated. To actually pursue and do well in our studies is the right way of showing him our gratitude. Then he would also feel elated.Likewise God has, in numerous ways, helped us in the world. What is the way to show our gratitude to Him who has given us good eyes? We may, for instance, enjoy seeing His divine forms in the temple; or, read the Bhagavatam. Well, there are several such ways! Giving us a healthy body, a good life, intellect and holy association (satsang), God also gives us a precious Guru. Why? God bestows on us human birth and comforts in a janma (life) only so that we attain liberation; therefore, to embrace a Guru and attain liberation in that life is the mark of true gratitude.

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