As It Strikes Me


Radhe Radhe!!

May this New Year bring in bountiful goodness and prosperity your way!

The Kalpatharu Day Mass Prayer took place in a very grand and festive manner at the Kotai Mariamman Temple Ground at Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. More than 10,000 devotees took part in this grand gathering. As the entire audience raised their hands and clapped blissfully to the tunes of the melodious and sweet Mahamantra, it was a sight to behold! It was as sweet as honey to the ears and my heart was overjoyed.

500 years back, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, ‘He is indeed the most fortunate, who chants the Mahamantra even once in his lifetime.’ He said ‘Nama is the only way’. There are many suffering till date without understanding the truth in these words. We are extremely blessed and fortunate that we are treading this path.

My kith and kin in all parts of the world, have risen early every Margazhi dawn, and chanted Mahamantra in the streets of their cities and villages, gathering and motivating everyone in their neighbourhood, with the sole intent of making me happy and pleased. My blessings to each and everyone of you!!

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Who is the Guru for ‘Dasya’ Bhava? Verily Anjaneya! Rama always gave only the highest (kingdom) to everyone. All others got duped by Rama by accepting the kingdoms. Bharata refused Ayodhya Rajya but later accepted the Padhuka Rajya. Sugreeva accepted Kishkinda Rajya and Vibhishana
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The great Master Adi Sankaracharya propounded the Advaita School of philosophy and established monasteries based on the same. Later, Sri Ramasubba Dikshithar of Thiruvisanallur, in his interpretation of Adi Shankara’s teachings concludes that Adi Sankara is a Vishnu bhaktha beyond par.
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When we go to a temple, we offer flowers, fruits, betel leaves and camphor to the Lord. When the tray returns from sanctum sanctorum, the only artifact missing from the tray is camphor. It burns with a bright flame and disappears without a trace. In the same way, we should too, some day, merge
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There was a person in a village who had acquired occult powers through intense penance. He was a close friend of a merchant in the village. Whenever the merchant had any problems or troubles in his business or personal life, he would approach this person and have his issues instantly resolved by
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We generally find that the cine field wields a powerful impact in the society. The most popular personalities usually come from the field of cinema. Why is it so? All the people in this world are only acting in their life. When they see better actors they are naturally drawn towards them! This is
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A person takes a relaxed stroll from the station to his house eating some snack. He is relaxed almost to the point of lethargy. Suddenly a stray dog begins a wild chase after him. He musters up all his energy and runs for his life. Had it not been for the dog he would not have done that. Likewise
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Once while Lord Sri Rama was in ‘vanavas’ (itinerant days in the forest) with Sita Devi, Rishis who were tormented in that forest by the demons there surrendered at the feet of the Lord. Lord Sri Rama immediately took his bow and started walking towards the demons to vanquish them. Sri
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Why is the son of Abhimanyu and Uttara, the only heir to the Pandava clan known as Parikshit? 1. While he was still in his mother Uttara’s womb, Lord Krishna entered into Uttara’s womb and stayed with him protecting him with His Sudarsana Chakra against the Brahmaastra sent by the
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A man is a strong advocate of the cause of ‘Jiva Karunya’ [compassion towards living beings by not hurting them]. He speaks about it and propagates the message as much as possible. He strongly condemns slaughter of cattle and the killing of elephants.However, when he gets back home, he
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The thirst from within Whenever I see people perform rituals such as Homas and some special poojas to invoke the blessings of the Almighty or see Bhagavathas performing bhajans for longs hours, at times throughout the night, I wonder why they are not able to do the same Japa or chant the
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