Radhe Radhe!!

May this New Year bring in bountiful goodness and prosperity your way!

The Kalpatharu Day Mass Prayer took place in a very grand and festive manner at the Kotai Mariamman Temple Ground at Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. More than 10,000 devotees took part in this grand gathering. As the entire audience raised their hands and clapped blissfully to the tunes of the melodious and sweet Mahamantra, it was a sight to behold! It was as sweet as honey to the ears and my heart was overjoyed.

500 years back, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, ‘He is indeed the most fortunate, who chants the Mahamantra even once in his lifetime.’ He said ‘Nama is the only way’. There are many suffering till date without understanding the truth in these words. We are extremely blessed and fortunate that we are treading this path.

My kith and kin in all parts of the world, have risen early every Margazhi dawn, and chanted Mahamantra in the streets of their cities and villages, gathering and motivating everyone in their neighbourhood, with the sole intent of making me happy and pleased. My blessings to each and everyone of you!!

Periyakulam Namadwaar, due to the sincere yearning of Smt Latha and Smt Vijayarani, was inaugurated on 8th November 2017. Incessant Nama chanting has been taking place here since then. The devotees are served prasad everyday. Chaitanyadas and Padmavathi have been serving this cause relentlessly. This Namadwaar shines beautifully and magnificently.

Madurai Namadwaar is in the making with the support of Sri Swaminathan Iyer’s family and devotees at Madurai. Sri Nehruprakash of Tuticorin has been working on this day and night. Kariapatti Namadwaar is also in the making with the support of Sri Lakshmikanthan. Sri Gandheesan of Virudhunagar has devoted his entire time to this purpose. Two Namadwaars are functioning at Senganoor. A plot of land has been purchased at Udumalpettai by the support of Smt Premila and other devotees, and another at Ambasamudram for the construction of Namadwaar. Sri Sivaram Ganesh of Arupukottai has been earnestly wishing for Namadwaar to be constructed at his own land. Namadwaar devotees of Arupukottai led by Sri Kannan are working towards this. Sri Vijay of Thanjavur has purchased a piece of land with his hard earned money and has been insisting that the space be used for building a Namadwaar.

Due to the efforts of Subbuji and Vidyaji, Melbourne Namadwaar was inaugurated on 8th November 2017 and is functioning very well. Atlanta Kishoreji was dreaming of a Namadwaar night and day. By his efforts, Atlanta Namadwaar became a reality on 8th November 2017.

Namadwaars are coming up at Dallas, Virginia, Fiji, and New Zealand too. Mayaji of Dallas breathes Nama every second. He has begun the efforts for a Namadwaar at Dallas. Muraliji, Malathiji and Ramanji of Virginia, spend sleepless nights working towards a Namadwaar in their region. Sri Deepak Vinod, Sri Nilesh-Smt Eshwin, Sri Raj, Sri Aman and Sri Swastika have Namadwaar Fiji as their sole objective in life. I cannot express in words the longing that New Zealand Smt Kavitha-Sri Venkat and Smt Pavithra- Sri Vijay have, towards making Namadwaar New Zealand a reality.

We will now strive to make Namadwaars of all their dreams come true!

Finally, an interesting mention – Ramuji has already reserved a place in Moon and Mars for Namadwaar, with his hard earned money!

No matter what anyone in this world says, I have absolutely no worries!! I have you all….and we all have Nama!! Let’s incessantly chant Nama, and make others chant too!!

Generations to come, will benefit by all your sincere service to Namadwaar!

All glories to the Guru’s Grace!!

– With Love,

Head of the Family,

Muralidhara Swamiji

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