Sudha Krishnamurthy, Ambernath, Maharashtra

On 2nd August,09 we had 10 hrs Nama japa at our residences. It was indeed divine experience with 30 people participating from morning 8 to evening 6.00pm.  On this day, we got the Anubhava of God and our Guru Maharaj accepting our Nama by seeing a rare flower called 'Brahma Kamal' bloom in our house.  The flower is unique and it blooms sometimes. Time and date was important and it made our day more auspicious.  We did the puja of the same and thank God and Sri Sri Swamiji from the bottom of the heart for making us feel that they are always with us.

Radhe Krishna!
Sudha krishnamurthy.

Jayanthi Murali,  Chennai

I am a Central Government employee recently got transferred to Gujarat on promotion leaving back my family in Chennai.  My husband is working in a private company in Chennai and we have two sons one studying in 10th and another in 4th.

We are fortunate that we knew Sri Sri Swamiji since 2007 and we are regularly chanting Mahamantra with His blessings.  With His blessings I accepted the promotion and decided to go to Gujarat and booked ticket for onward journey from Chennai. What a surprise! What a gift! What to say! Just FIVE days later, an order was passed by Central Government that women employee having kids below the age of 18 years are eligible for paid leave of two years as Child Care Leave to look after the kids during the time of examination, sickness etc. subject to granting by the concerned authorities!

As my elder son is doing his 10th class, I was very much in need of leave.  And the order came in just at the right moment! Now, I have successfully completed the training, joined the post and am enjoying the leave with my family in Chennai.  

I sincerely believe that this was only possible due to chanting of Mahamantra and with the Grace of Sri Sri Swamiji.  We (our family) are having faith that Mahamantra will definitely bring about transfer too.
Let us be happy chanting Mahamantra always to fulfill our earthly pleasures as well as eternal.  Humble Pranams to Sri Sri Swamiji.

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Radhe Radhe
Jayanthi Murali

K.Sundar, Chennai.

My aunt had tumor growths which the doctor suspected to be either TB cancer.  
In early July, my aunt underwent biopsy tests and we were awaiting results.

On July 19th, I logged on to the Namadwaar website and submitted my prayer request.
I also got a response within a week from Sri Sri Swamiji that He would pray specially for my aunt.  Sri Sri Swamiji had also asked my aunt to chant the Mahamantra constantly with this prayer in mind.
On 31st July, my aunt visited the doctor with all the test and scan results.  After having read the results in detail, the doctor said that there was nothing to worry, for it was not cancerous.  It was only TB can be cured with medication.  He has also advised us to continue treatment with our family doctor itself and that no special treatment is necessary.  

We are now completely relieved of our tension which we have been undergoing since the past twenty five days.

I sincerely thank the Namaadwar Satsang for performing prayers for my aunt. As per the adivice of our Guru Maharaj, my aunt was chanting the Mahamantra which has relieved us of our pain.

K. Sundar,

Prasanna, Bangalore

I have been without a job for some time now.

On June 12th, I had requested a prayer to Sri Sri Swamiji through the Namadwaar website for a job for me as soon as possible.
In about 10 days time, I received a response from the Namadwaar website with Sri Sri Swamiji’s blessings that He performs prayers for me and that I will get a job soon.

I kept chanting the Mahamantra as Sri Sri Swamiji instructed.  On July 6th, I got a job at a call centre!

This was possible only due to the grace of Sri Sundara Anjaneya Swamy, Sri Sri Swamiji’s grace and power of prayers with Mahamantra.

I am continuing to chant the Mahamantra…
My Pranams to Sri Sri Swamiji.


Ravi Senthil Kumar, Chennai

I am still unable to believe what had happened on 9th July '09.

One of my colleagues had recently met with a train accident in Mumbai during May’09.  The wife of the deceased also happen to be our colleague and was found missing one fine day.  The father of the girl said that her daughter is missing that noon onwards and she was unable to accept the reality and recover from the shock of her husband’s death and this major setback made her feel  to the extent of even committing suicide.

Once I heard the message, I immediately thought for a while and requested our Swamiji to rescue and save her life and chanted Hare Rama Mahamantra.  I started to think what to do next and how to trace her.  In the meantime, we lodged a complaint with the police station about her going missing.

Within few moments, I received an another call from her father, requesting me to find out from other friends and simultaneously, he uttered a word saying that she mentioned she would go to Jogeshwari railway station, Mumbai the same spot and end her life where his husband met with an accident.  

This information gave a clue and made me trace what time she left the office and subsequently what were the immediate available flights to Mumbai.   By Gods grace we could log in to and immediately got details of a Jet Airways flight 9W488 leaving to Mumbai at 13:30 hrs which is likely to reach at 15:15 hrs.

Upon enquiry with the flight authorities, we were able to confirm that the lady had indeed boarded the same flight. Usually airways, as an internal policy, don’t reveal the passenger details to any stranger / individual.

Somehow by Swamiji’s grace we got the right information at the right time and immediately sensitized her office friends and colleagues to follow up at Mumbai.  Immediately her colleagues had called Jet airways and informed them the seriousness it was around 14:40 hrs, no sooner she landed the flight, the Jet Airways personnel together with her colleagues came into the rescue and finally convinced her and helped to come out of the situation.

Even if there had been a slight delay, it would have proved disastrous.  Finally, the Jet airways officials helped us identify her and send her back in the next flight to Chennai and reached safe at 19:30 hrs.

None of their members know about Mahamantra or our Swamiji.  Though I have read and heard about Guru and power of Mahamantra, I could realize it only today.

Prayers make miracles…

Yes it is true, it is Swamiji who at the time of dire crisis came to the rescue and saved her life.  

Please chant the MahaMantra with devotion and surrender to your Guru and he will take care of the rest.

With Humble Pranams...
Ravi Senthil Kumar.

Devotee from Dubai

On this auspicious Gurupoornima day, I wish to share with fellow devotees a personal experience that can be truly classified as a miracle.

It would be proper to give a brief description of the background information that prevailed preceding to our coming into personal contact with HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.

My wife unfortunately developed medical complications recently and it reached a climax on 2nd May 2009 when we did a biopsy at a leading hospital in Chennai.  We were told to come and collect the result on 8th May 2009.  

Several specialist doctors whom we contacted leading to the biopsy stage have presented a very grim prognosis and they even vocally advised us about the grave realities, limited treatment possibilities and how soon the journey is likely to peter out.  As each doctor delivered his message, which is of course based on their specialised knowledge substantiated by scientific findings, we felt struck by lightning.  An eerie silence fell upon us for what seemed like forever.  Naturally our emotional pressure shot up and quite literally we were torn apart not knowing how to ventilate our anguish and find solace except feeling same as fish out of water.      

The anxiety attached to the waiting cast a very long shadow as the eventual outcome is ultimately going to decide on the debilitating condition of my beloved wife, her future and in turn our entire family’s.  What appeared in the beginning as mere five days to get the biopsy result turned out perhaps to be one of the longest periods of waiting our family has endured.

We have heard that Draupadi’s calling out in utter distress to the Lord was nothing but the combination of the Guru’s grace that made her remember His name in the nick of time when all else has failed; and the bhagavan nāma mahima that promptly protected her modesty and saved her from the difficult situation.  Though in an exaggerated sense, nevertheless true in its own way, my wife and I probably never realised that the obeisance we have offered together at the sacred feet of several elders and sādhus during the course of our married life of 22 years would bestow on us such accrued benefit as to chant the bhagavn nāma fervently when we were faced with stark reality.  Taking courage from the saying that the heavens can’t be empty when an earnest prayer is sent out, we sincerely fell in tune with the divine in our dire state and cried out plaintively.  The moment we started chanting the Mahāmantra we were tightly gripped and came under its protection and reminisced thankfully the young folks from Chaithanya Mahāprabhu Nāma Bikshā Kendrā who came to Dubai few years ago in the service of spreading the Lord’s name and our association with them.  No sooner did we remember the young brave hearts, things fell into place swiftly helping our destiny to witness one of the most significant moments of our lives.  

Few phone calls and a short while later, I found myself tagged along by our son, rushing in a taxi towards the Malaipattu āshram.  

Being Ekādasi day, I learnt that Sri Sri Swamiji should almost be concluding the special puja by the time we reach the destination.  The route leading to the ashram had scenic beauty but we were at a loss to take note of any.  The heavy feelings of my heart should have added further weight to my bulky self but it acted as a cushion as our taxi bumped over a short unpaved stretch close to the ashram.  Negotiating the last turn in the winding road leading to the ashram, we could spot the towering Anjaneya standing tall in welcoming and reassuring in ways the words cannot describe.  We were subdued by the sheer size of the greatest of Bhakthās and intuitively felt secured that we have reached the safest of protected zones.  

As we poured out of the taxi and literally started running towards the main assembly hall, we could sense the distinct smell of the nearby Goshālā and the nectar of Mahāmantra wafting through the air in an inviting manner.  To make our maiden trip more dramatic, we noticed an inscription at the entrance proclaiming that whoever comes to Him on Ekādasi day would most certainly have a positive turn in life.  What an assurance!  Considering the loaded condition I was in, the soothing, yet profound impact of the statement squeezed my heart and made the eyes misty.  

Hundreds of devotees have gathered in the huge marble hall chanting the Mahāmantra in unison, some going around the lamp in pradakshina, while others remained in trance of having the darshan of the Guru.  The special puja to the wonderful Premika Varadhan has been over, and Guru Majaraj was majestically sitting in a slightly reclined posture, completely immersed in the waves of chorus chanting of the Mahāmantra.  The audience might have started the chanting consciously, but it was evident the momentum has eventually carried them over as they repeated the Mahāmantra involuntarily as if caught by it!  The ambience was electrifying and simply mesmerising.  

Recovering slowly from the dazzling experience, with trembling feet I inched my way towards Sri Sri Swamiji, whom I am seeing for the first time.  I realised that hearing or reading about him is one thing, but seeing is definitely, believing! I was consumed by the glow on his face and the peace and joy emanating from it.  As he glanced at me, I could deeply feel the kindness and love only a mother is capable of showering.  My mind quietened.  My body shook.  I felt humbled.  Standing in his presence was an overpowering experience for me.  I sensed his inviting silent expressions.  Not able to bear the intensity any longer, I just broke down like a rain-laden cloud and fell at his lotus feet in total surrender.  

Tapping me gently on the shoulders he lovingly enquired my grievance to which I blurted in brief about my wife’s predicament and her inability to come personally.  To my amazement, he queried few intricate and finer aspects of my wife’s health condition.  He slowly closed his eyes in deep meditation, opened it gently after a while and gestured me to relax.  He then told me -- what others could not believe, though it filled my heart instantaneously -- that he would visit our house shortly to see my wife.  At that very moment of hearing those caring words, I know in the deepest parts of my heart that his blessings has descended on us and that my wife got rid of her ailment then and there, all medical procedures that has to follow are only mere formalities.

I went home with a sense of relief and shared the experience with my wife who broke into tears of joy as she has found the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Her regular reading of Shirdi Sai Satcharita for that day had a reference that Dattāthreya Avadutha enters the homes of devotees in the form of a Sadguru!  Although my wife is a strong willed person, no wonder even she could not control the emotions because the happenings of the day was too much to be a coincidence.  

Our kudil became blessed forever when Sri Sri Swamiji set his foot on it the very next day.  He stayed for precious few minutes and delivered the message of grace and courage.  Much after he has come and gone as a flash we all stood at our doorsteps staring in the same direction with disbelief.  Slowly it dawned to us that coming under his canopy of grace must be the result of the cumulative good deeds and penance performed by our ancestors over several births that has culminated in our reaping this generous benefaction.

Need I more to say that eventually when the medical report came, it did not contain any of the dreaded results, but only of a curable infection!  

Subsequently I made several attempts to have darshan of our Guru Maharaj and to pay my personal pranāms as a mark of gratitude before I left India, and went from one āshram to the other looking for him but with no luck.  Alas, I have to be contended for the time being with his radiant face captured in my memory and the fact that he resides in our hearts.  We align with him and feel his presence when our family regularly chant together the Mahāmantra.  In essence, the mantra has it all – and our family stand testimony to the timely providential boons it can bestow.

Guru’s grace indeed is beyond description, yet, out of curiosity I have attempted to depict in the foregoing a rough sketch of our personal endearment for the simple pleasure of sharing with likeminded devotees.  

By the abundant grace of Sri Sri Swamiji, my wife is now recovering well and presently convalescing in Chennai.  

Glory to the Guru!

Rādhe Rādhe
Contributed by a devotee from Dubai.

Vijay, Hyderabad

I lost my job  and was ooking for some opportunity. I got information about the Namadwaar website from my uncle who lives in Australia.
I filled up the prayer-request form on the website, with my request for prayers for a job.  Within a few days, I got a call for interview and cleared all the rounds.  I am now waiting for my offer letter.
This has built up my faith in Mahamantra tremendously.  It works for me! It certainly does!

Chanting the Mahamantra also gives me a lot of mental peace.
Vijay, Hyderabad

Janani, UK

I was living alone in a remote place in Uk , away from  my family for sorting out my job. I had a very tough time with intense back pain.I had to admit myself  in the Hospital without much support and one of the Indian Doctors informed me about Swamiji and Namadwaar. I wrote to Swamiji and received a reply that it will get cured . The week I got the reply, I received a call from one of the doctors who informed me that they have confirmed the diagnosis and that I could stop some of the medications that I was given in addition. After that on many occasions I had contacted Namadwaar and always it had been a positive experience. I thank Namadwaar team for your wonderful work and the Indian Doctor who informed me about Namadwaar.

Elayaraja, Chennai

I regularly chant the Mahamantra. I wanted to visit Yoga Narasimar,Yoga Anjaneyar which resides in 2 mountains in Shozllingar. It was never fulfilled. My friends suddenly planned to visit this temple when my leg was deeply wounded. I dont want to miss this chance. I agreed for the temple and never told my friends about my wound in my leg.

The mountain has a steep path with each step in a different angle. I chanted the mantra continously and started climbing the mountain. I didnot stop anywhere inbetween. I was the first to climb the 2 mountains and didnt feel any pain in my leg and had a happy darshan.

Always trust in God. We all are child of the supreme power. Have you ever heard the parents do bad for their children?. The supreme power always do good for their children. Trust the supreme power with 100% confidence. The supreme power knows what to give, when to give and how to give to their children.


I'm writing to your satsang with great gratitude on experiencing a relief from my problem. Few weeks back i had requested a prayer for my husband stating that he had lost his job. We are newly married and i did not expect to face this issue within months of our marriage. Being in new country life is a challenge when one has to be independent and manage expenses within the income received. I did not work at that time. I was shocked when this incident happened. His company had laid-off people without prior notice. For few days i couldn't be normal, felt emotional.  At the same time we did not disclose this to any of our people as this would worry them. We also did not see anything positive but just hoped for the problem to get resolved by doing our best.

Then when I was told about this satsang, I decided to make a prayer request for my husband. Within few days of the request, he got selected in one of the top companies for a good position.

Now, we both are happy and contented. I truly acknowledge the saying 'Faith in god moves mountains' as I've seen things happening in my life. We should have faith at all times, even when we are in stress and pain as that hope and faith will bring a solution to the problem we experience.

Special thanks to Swamiji and all those involved for praying for us.