Hari Om,
On this auspicious day i offer my humble praams to sri swami.This is also the 18th day of aadi month so suspicious so let everyone get the grace of guru and kitta in abundance.Sri swami has said that this 18th day of Aadi is for perukku Aadi perukku so let me also do more namajapa and get his grace. By the grace of ji and kitta i could attend the bagavad saothaham and did the namasankeerthan with the satsangis here at Iskcon.All by his grace only.Let his grace fall on me and my family also.Namaste gurudev.

Radhe Radhe
Anantha koti namaskaram to Sri Guruji's lotus feet. Very Very blessed to start reading this beautiful and divine words of Sri Guruji on Greatness of Padhuka on the day of Guru Poornima. It gives so much peace to the ever oscillating mind, everytime while prostrating before padhuka, will certainly remember and cherish these divine words
Radhe Radhe

Pranams to our belove guruji!!!!
Pl also bless us to have your Darshan regularly with my family

இந்த நாள் வரையில் நான்
அறியாமையில் மூழ்கிருந்தேன்
சுற்றிருபவர்களை நம்பினேன்
சுற்றத்தார் பேச்சின்படி நடந்தேன்
ஆதலால் மனம் உடைந்தேன்
நிம்மதியை தொலைத்தேன்

குருவின் அருள் ஆசி வேண்டி ஏங்கினேன்
குருவின் அருளை காடில்லும் வேறொன்றும் இல்லை

பின்பு ஒரு நாள் தொலைகாட்சியில்
பண்டரிநாதனின் லீலைகளை அறிந்தேன்
வீடு தேடி வருவான் விட்டலன் தொடர்மூலம்
விட்டலனின் மகிமை புரிந்துகொண்டேன்

குருவின் அருள் ஆசி வேண்டி ஏங்கினேன்
குருவின் அருளை காடில்லும் வேறொன்றும் இல்லை

மாயை எனும் பிடியிலிறிந்து
வெளிவர முயன்றேன்
குருவருளால் அந்த மயக்கத்திலிருந்து
மெல்ல தெளிந்தேன்

குருவின் அருள் ஆசி வேண்டி ஏங்கினேன்
குருவின் அருளை காடில்லும் வேறொன்றும் இல்லை

இந்த மாற்றத்தின் காரணம்
குருவருள் என நன்கறிவேன்
ஆதலால் குருவிற்க்கு
நன்றி தெரிவித்து
நட்பாதையில் என்றென்றும்
நான் செல்ல வேண்டுகிறேன்


பூஜ்ய குருவின் அருள் நமக்கு
நல்ல மார்கத்தில் செல்வதற்கு
சுலப வழி இந்த உலகிற்கு
நாம கீர்த்தனம் உரைபதென்று

Radhe Radhe, My humble pranams to our beloved Gurunathar's lotus feet. This artilce helped me to know about the glory of Guru's paduka. I pray that I should be blessed to perform lot of kaingaryam at the Lotus feet of Guru Maharaj.

Hari Om
,My namaskarams to sri guruji.The greatness of the pooja of padhuks is very well explained by sri swamiji.It is true if one has the padhuka of guru then there is no need for any other thing because the padhuka itself is all to him or her.I also had an opportunity to keep the padhuka of Sri mahaPeriava in my home and to worship the padhuka for some 6 months.I Could feel so peaceful and happy when the padhuka was there.I also wish to have the padhuka of Sri Ji if he grants me the grace and if i win the love like hopis.The greatness of the premabakthi of gopis is beyond words and i plead to sri Swamiji to bestow me with at laest some percentage of the premabakthi.The thought itself of the love of gopis towards kitta will bring anybody to long for such bakthi.My namaskarams to the pada dhooli of gopis and if i could get a chance of padadhooli of Sri swami in my home i would consider myself to be lucky.My namskarams to guru once again.

Radhe Radhe Guruji!

Our namaskarams at your holy feet. 'The Fence divine' was such a treat. Paaduka is the fence around a bhakta. So apt!
Normally, a fence is used to prevent thieves from entering a house or to restrict a pet from running away. Similarly, paaduka would protect a bhakta from evil thoughts entering him and would also thwart his monkey mind from running amok.
Our heartfelt gratitude for this wonderful message.

Radhe Radhe

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji . Oh Krishna , my sincere pranams & thanks to you the Supreme Lord, for bestowing me with the Divine Darshan of most Reverred Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on Guru Poornima day. Gurunathar's service to His Guru is beyond words.
It was out of world experience to be in His Divine presence on this auspicious day. Truly more blessed are those who are in the Divine service of Sri Sri Guruji
Article elaborated by Gurunathar on the greatness of Guru & His Paaduka is splendid indeed. References from the Ramayana & Krishna Avatar is astonishing to know. Thanks to ND team for bringing out His words on this day
Oh Krishna, please bestow this commoner to be in the precious humble service of my Gurunathar's Lotus feet which is verily yours. Though I only know that I do not deserve to wish for the same, your Divine grace has no boundaries which will make it true some day . The
Pranams to Guruji' s Lotus feet again & again.
Radhe Krishna

On this holy Guru poornima day I and my my wife seethalakshmi daughters Sri vidya and their family Sow Meenakshi and her family offer our humble namaskarams.
Our humble namaskarams to our Mahan

Hari Om,
On this Gurupoornima day i offer my namaskarams to the holy feet of this mahan sri swamjii.The gurupurnima special on the paduka worship by bharatha down to sri Ramana padhuka is so lovely that the padhuka mahima is beautifully explained by sri swamiji.Though i do not have the padhuka i offer my pranams to the great padhuks and to swami.This will surely pave the way for progress in spiritual path and i am sure to be in the satsangh always by His grace.I seek blessings from swami .Swamijiyai engirundu vananginalum avarukku theriyum.His namasankeerthan and his madhura bhashan will always ring in my ears.It is a great blessing for all of us to be in satsangh wherever we are because of this mahan.May i get his blessings on this day .The namasankeerthan be ever with me and i remain as a bhaktha to guruji and madhurisaki sametha kitta. namaste guru.