The Joyous Path

Padma Puranam talks about the greatness and uniqueness of listening to Srimad Bhagavatham in six chapters.
It commences as a discussion between Saunaka Rishi and the narrator, Sri Sutha Pauranika.
Saunaka asks a direct question, “What is the greatest of all good to be attained by humankind? What is the purest of all purifiers?” Immediately after this question he talks of a greatness of a guru – If a guru is pleased with his disciple, disciple attains Vaikunta effortlessly – that which is difficult for even striving Yogis to attain. There is no question for means of the highest good to those who have
attained a Satguru.
But not all get an opportunity to get a Satguru, serve him effortlessly, earn the pleasure of the Satguru and hence attain Shreyas(the highest good).
So for the vast majority of humankind, in this age to attain Shreyas (the highest good), Sri Sutha tells the Sukha Sadhanam for the same.
This joyous path to Shreyas is Srimad Bhagavatham. This is the reason why Saunaka Rishi competes
the initial question with “प्रयच्छति गुरु: प्रीतो वैकुण्ठं योगी दुर्लभम्” – ( If guru is pleased, Vaikuntam -that which is difficult for even Yogis is attained (effortlessly) by the disciple).
Liberation’s Suka Sampadanam ( joyous effortless means for one and all) is through listening to Srimad Bhagavatham.


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