Student Mass Prayers – February 2019

Student Mass Prayers were held in the month of February at :

a) 1st February : Around Vellakoil and Kangeyam : 4 schools – 2150 students

b) 2nd February : Global Matric Higher Secondary School : Kangeyam – 200 students

c) 4th February : Around Tirupur : 6 schools – 1700 students

d) 5th February : Around Tirupur and Avinashi : 3 schools – 2600 students

e) 6th February : Around Tirupur : 4 schools – 2250 students

f) 8th February : Vivekananda Roundtable vidyalaya, Chennai – 500 students

A total of 9400 students, over 19 schools participated and chanted the Mahamantra.









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