Sri Poornimaji and the Kanya Sisters’ satsangs in Mumbai

From 1st till the 17th of November, Mumbaikars were blessed with a fortnight of divine satsanghs in November 2019, when  Sri.Poornimaji and Kanya sisters arrived here to deliver a series of discourses on Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhakta Charitram etc. The trip was truly a blessing for the GOD Mumbai family that is gradually increasing and is now scattered across Western Suburbs, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Raigad District (Kharghar). For many of the new members, it was the first time , they even attended a satsangh.

Raigad Dist, Kharghar

On the 1st and 2nd of November Poornimaji delivered a 2 day discourse on “Azhwarkalin Anubhvaam and Aandal Kalyanam” at Kharghar Bhakta Samaj, Kharghar (Raigad Dist). The program was well attended and thoroughly appreciated by the devotees. Poornimaji started with the lives of the first three ALWARS who were the first to sing the praises of Bhagwan in their mother tongue and briefly touched upon the lives of all other alwars. She concluded with a beautiful rendering of Aandal Kalyanam. The programme was very well attended and was hugely appreciated by the attentive audience.

Nerul, Navi Mumbai

On November 3rd Kanya sisters delivered a discourse on Bhakta Charitram of Sant Tulasidas at Murugan Temple, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. They captivated the crowd with their masterful rendering of the chartiram interspersed with mellifluous rendering of Bhajans of Sant Tulsidas. In his vote of thanks, secretary of Murugan Temple thanked Kanya sisters and invited them for future programs.

Chembur, Mumbai

The much awaited 7 days (Sapthaham) evening lectures on Srimad Bhagavatam started on November 4th at Tiruchembur Murugan Temple, Sri Subramania Samaj, Chedda Nagar, Mumbai. The 1st three days of the discourses were rendered by Kum.  ShivKanya.She dwelled in detail the  1st Canto of Srimad BHagavatam and enthralled the audience with her wonderful exposiiton of Kunti STuthi and Bheeshma Stuthi. Her expositon of Dhruva Charitram was also very much appreciated. From the 4th day Poornimaji took over and held the audience spell bound with her masterful discourse on Priyavrata Charitram, Ajamila Chartiram. Prahlad Charitram, Krishna Charitram and Rukhmini Swayamvaram. The Sapthaham was very well attended by around 150-175 people every day. The grand event concluded with Rukhmini Swayamvaram on 10th. GOD Mumbai had arranged for Sumptuous Prasadam to all devotees every day .

Western Suburbs, Mumbai

On 11th November Kanya sisters beautifully rendered a discourse on Nama Mahimai at Ayyapa Temple, Borivili West. The discourse concluded with chanting of Maha Mantra by the gathered devotees.

From 12th November to 14th November, Poornimaji rendered a masterful disscoure on Ekadasa Skandam on Srimad Bhagavtam on Sri Ram Temple, Bangoor Nagar, Goregaon. The Audience heard with rapt attention and showered their appreciation.  She concluded the discourse firmly asserting that “Bhagavata Saram” is verily following the easy and beautiful path of Bhagavata Dharma.

Dombivili and Ambernath, Thane District

On November 15th and 16th were busy days for Poornimaji again. The satsang were in Hindi and English on both days. On 15thNovember she delvered a satsang in Hindi at Ganesh Temple, Pallava city, Dombivili on importance of chanting Maha Mantra.  Later in the day she addressed a group of about 80 comprising of Gopakuteeram children and their parents. She impressed upon the need to follow core value blended with devotion which will give inner strength to the children in difficult times.

On 16th Morning Poornimaji left for Ambernath to address a gathering of about 200 Children of Xith and XIIth Standard at Prominent Classes, Ambernath. It was a motivational workshop delivered in Hindi and English. The children enjoyed the session thoroughly. In their interaction with Poornimaji later they said that the session inspired them to perform better in all walks of life. They also said they were looking forward for more such programs in future.

South Indian Bhajan Samaj, Matunga

On 16th and 17th Kanya sisters delivered discourses on “Bhakta Meera” and “Panduranga Leela” at Bhajan Samaj, Matunga. Here again they held the audience spell bound with soulful rendering of Meera Bhajans. The discourse on Panduranga Leela was also higly appreciated by the attentive crowd. Ganesh Vadyar and other senior members of the Samaj reminisced about Swamiji’s visits to their Samaj in 2002. Sri Ganesh Vadyar the presiding head of the South Indian Bhajan Samaj invited Kanya sisters for a discourse on “Thiruppavai” in Jan 2021.

Thus it was a blissful fortnight of Satsangh for Mumbaikars. When Poornimaji and Kanya sisters were about to leave for Chennai, the GOD Mumbai team echoed in unison “We are all praying that Guruji will bless us with a visit to Mumbai soon.” Poornimaji, as usual in her serene and smiling demeanour replied, “By G’s grace, it will happen soon”.


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