Singapore Gopakuteeram camp on 5th August 2018

With Sri Guruji’s blessings, Gopakuteeram day camp was arranged for kids from 5-14 years old. Children arrived at the beach villa in the bus arranged from the Gopakuteeram leads’ house to bring kids from across the island. The day began with Nama chanting followed by Yoga. Kids learnt asanaas for eyes, stomach, and overall wellness of the body. Elder kids then learnt Surya Namaskar. In the break after yoga, kids enjoyed chocolate bun and rose milk.

Kids then traced the path of Ramayana in the Indian map starting from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka. All the key places of Ramayana were spotted in the map and kids learnt where these places are located actually now. It was a visual round with lot of interactions with kids. Videos on Tanjore Brahadeeswara temple architecture, anger management were also shown to kids and they all shared their views with us. We had a quiz and crossword puzzle on the path of Ramayana, Brahadeeswara temple and a temple colouring activity for very small kids.

After the wonderful lunch break, it was time for cooking without fire and kids learnt to make bread-banana sandwich and biscuit sandwich. They enjoyed using the rolling pin themselves. Kids enjoyed eating the snacks prepared by them for the evening along with Milo.

As part of the last session of the day, kids learnt to use recycled bottles and did Terrarium. Then with the help of art and craft teacher, they made pebble painting and a pop up card.  Parents had come to pick them up by then but none of the children were in mood to go home. They wanted to continue the camp for some more time.

After honouring the parent volunteers – yoga teacher, art and craft teacher who had taken the extra effort of coming and teaching our Gopakuteeram children, the camp then concluded with Nama chanting.

Youth team and volunteers of Singapore Namadwaar had a great day with the 50 Gopakuteeram children who attended the camp. Gopakuteeram leads received great feedback from parents and they wanted us to do such camps more frequently.

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