Satsangs by Sri Pammal Balaji in February

February 13th morning Sri Pammal Balaji did a special Pooja and Prayers at Tuticorin Namadwaar on the occasion of Tuticorin Namadwaar Pradhista day and in the evening, a Satsangh was held at Sivathiyapuram Namadwaar.
On 14th, Satsanghs were held at Nanguneri and Kulasekaram.
A grand students mass prayer was held at Padmanabapuram Palace Saraswathy Temple in Kanyakumari district where over 2000 students participated and chanted Mahamantra.  Students mass prayers were also conducted at Valliyoor and Tuticorin Namadwaars.
Satsangh was held at Thirumangalam on 17th evening where over 200 people joined.

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