Nama Will Help You Find Anything (Even Retainers) !

It was July 21,2019. After a usual session of playing cricket with the Vidyarthis from the Sandeepani Gurukulam Veda Patasala, I went to have dinner at around 7 PM. After dinner, I headed to Bhagavatha Bhavanam for our beloved Premika Varadhan’s dolothsavam. Right when I was about to step into Bhagavatha Bhavanam, a thought struck my mind. I did not have my retainers on. I first thought it was in the usual spot I keep it, tucked in my angavastram. But it wasn’t there. Then I immediately rushed to my room to check if I had kept it there. But it wasn’t there either. Now I was in a huge problem. It is because those retainers cost 500 CAD, which converts to about 25000 INR. That was my primary concern. Secondly, those retainers were transparent. So finding them is an incredibly difficult task as it will get camouflaged in the midst of something. Therefore, I was determined to somehow find them. For the next two and a half hours, I searched the nook and corner of the places  I usually go to. It was an impossibly hard task, because it was pitch dark. But I thought luck was on my side that day, as the people who do the kainkarya of cleaning and taking care of the ashram premises, did not come that day. So, I thought that kust through my efforts, I would surely find them. So I searched every place( Kunja Bhavanam, Ekanathaswamy Dining Hall, the Patashala Library, the whole Patashala), practically every place. But there was no sign of it. I gave up searching and returned to my room around 10:30. I was very upset and clueless as to what to do. Then it struck me that I should just chant nama and surrender unto our Guru Maharaj. So I chanted nama for about an hour after which I fell asleep. But I had an incredible dream that night. I saw my retainers stuck to this one place in the Patashala ground with a stone on top of it( it was quite close to the entrance from the dining hall). The next morning, I woke up, showered, did my daily ablutions and then went to the Dining hall for a cup of coffee. At this point, I was very pessimistic about finding them, because it was raining cats and dogs all throughout the night. So even if they were in the ground, they would have been swept away. Nevertheless, I wanted to take my chances. Thus I went for a stroll. And to my surprise, I found the retainers exactly where I perceived them to be in my dream. A stone was on top of the retainers, which is how I think they were in one place instead of being swept away during the torrential rainfall. That is when I truly understood the power of nama and our Guru Maharaj and that nama will grant anything, from retainers to moksha.

-By Aditya (Toronto)

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