A note to Sadhaks – “Waiting With Love…”

A person gets up in the morning; with great restlessness goes about fulfilling the daily chores – the routines, busy with the urgent demands of daily routine. Haven’t we all seen this often?

In the same fashion some attempt to meditate with this restless impatience the moment they sit for meditation. This is not correct; Don’t do it this way.

Meditation is not a chore; and not a duty either. Like a lady-love awaiting her beloved, we also need to start meditating with that joyful expectation.

While sitting in meditation, we should not predetermine how long we plan to meditate or think when we can stop the sessions. These very thoughts need to be totally avoided.

When two people in true love spend time together, how would they think of that time? “Oh let the time stop! Why is it flowing so fast? Won’t we have some more time like this together…” Wouldn’t this be the thoughts of this lover.

Our mental state for meditation should also be on these lines. The one whom we seek to meditate upon, showers causeless love on us, doesn’t he?

In meditation we are together with him. How then can we bring this  tête-à-tête to an end?

When we start to meditate, let us for 5-10 minutes , sit without exerting any efforts, silently. Then slowly and steadily start the meditation patiently.

Let it not be an attempt or an effort to instill the chosen deity in our heart. Rather let it be in form of a ceaseless prayer for the chosen deity to come and reside in our heart on its own accord.

During the initial days, when you sit for meditation, do not take any efforts to meditate. Daily, at a particular time, at a particular place practice this “just sitting for meditation”. At this time, just observe the flow of thoughts with attention. This will unravel many a inner mystery. This would greatly help in realizing the nature of the mind to discipline it in future.

When a thought rises, when we start observing its nature – what is this thought about, what was the past incidence which is related to this thought, what is the current trigger for this thought, what are its consequences, what is the necessity for the mind to hold this thought now, etc., we can begin to understand the nature of the mind. Whether we need to befriend someone or face him as an adversary, don’t we need to understand him properly first? To that person who does not enquire deeply about that mind  which is ever with him, he (the mind) becomes an enemy; to the one who gets deeply acquainted and controls it, he is a friend.

When he totally dissolves, he is divinity itself!

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