Senganur Sri Srinivasa Perumal blissfully adorned the spectacular, white yaanai vahanam (white elephant carrying the Lord) during the recent Brahmotsavam. The procession was a beautiful spectacle amidst bhajans, auspicious rendering of nadaswaram (a traditional wind instrument), and recital of Vedas and Divya Prabandhams. That night I was fondly reminiscing the purappadu (divine procession). I had a splendid dream in which I had a vision of the seven hills of Tirupati.

It was a dense forest. A full moon shone brightly in the sky. I could hear celestial melodies from Devaloka (land of the Devas). Flowers showered down from the heavens. Through the path in the forest, came a magnificent elephant on which the enchanting Sri Srinivasa Perumal, whose beauty surpassed a million manmathas, rode majestically. How do I describe His flowing hairlocks, His beautiful lips that flashed a graceful smile and His glorious Lotus Feet! The tusks of the elephant touched the ground; he was spotlessly white, with large ears and masthaka (forehead). Many men walked in front holding fire torches. Some of them had wings like angels. Some were flying above, holding a divine umbrella for Perumal. Some were dancing ecstatically while others were singing mellifluously. The elephant walked regally amidst this divine ambience. It was a blissful sight to behold! I was dwelling in these moments even after waking up the next morning.