Devotee: Is our sampradaya in line with Sri Adi ShankaraBhagavadpada’s or Sri BhagavatRamanujacharya’s or Sri Madhvacharya’s sampradaya?
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Sri Swamiji: I totally understand what you are asking. All these, at the current time, are very big precepts (“periyavishayam”). If you ask what our sampradayam is, let me explain. There is jnana (spiritual wisdom). That jnana can be realized simply by the Divine Name itself (kEvalamnAmamAtrEna). Sri Adi Shankara or BhagavatRamanujacharya or Sri Madhvacharya – none are against the Divine Name. In fact, they all have exhortedeveryone to chant the Divine Name. So the path of the Divine Name is acceptable to all Acharyas. Sri Adi ShankaraBhagavadpada’sAdvaita philosophy, Sri BhagavatRamanujacharya’s broad, inclusive outlook and his path of kainkaryam to Bhagavan, Sri Madhvacharya’s Krishna bhakti, all are acceptable to us.
Our Acharya,Paranur Mahatma Sri SriKrishnapremiSwamiji, has given this as the final word in the Vaishnava Samhita:
The goal is the eternal abode of Lord Vishnu. Singing in praise of Him is the means of attaining the goal undoubtedly. This is the essence of all Sampradayas.
So always, at all places, and at all cost, the praise of Lord Krishna has to be sung with a firm belief, without entertaining any idea of finding fault with different Sampradayas.
Have you understood this?
Devotee: Oh yes Swamiji! Our path is that of the Divine Name, which is Shruti/Smriti/Itihasa/Puranasammandam (acceptable to the Vedas, other Shastras, Puranas/Itihasas); it issarvamathasammandam (acceptable to all the Vedic philosophies) andsarvaMahatma sammandam (acceptable to all Saints/Acharyas). In fact, I see this path’s universality now. Also, I see the beauty of universal acceptance in this path. I now understand what Your Holiness always insists: ‘Admire all, Adopt one – the path of Krishna Bhakti and the Divine Name.’
Sri Swamiji! Can I submit another question?
(To be continued)