We all know what Dharma Sankatamis. When there are two Dharma-sor righteous acts that need to be done, and if a confusion arises as to which needs to be done, then that goes by the name Dharma Sankata’! In Srimad Bhagavatha, King Ambarisha undertook the Dwadashi Vrata in Mathura. Sage Durvasa arrived there as his guest at that time. Ambarisha Chakravarthy welcomed Sage Durvasa very courteously with pleasing words. He said he would come to have his lunch after a dip in the holy Yamuna river and left. According to our Dharma, one must not eat without feeding the guest who has agreed to have a meal. At the same time, Dharma also states that one must finish his paaranaor mid-day-mealon a Dwadhasi day even when the Dwadashi thithi is there. Since both of these are Dharmas, now arose a confusion as to which one Ambarisha must follow. This is precisely what is known as Dharma Sankatam’.

Similarly, I was recently faced with something new which I named as Apachaara  Sankatam’ (Apachaaram is an offence to god). In my pooja, along with my RadhaKrishna Yugala, my Gurus Padhuka is also present. Once when I happened to take a garland in my hand to offer to the RadhaKrishna Yugala, it suddenly slipped and fell on the Padhuka. When I went to lift that garland and offer it again to the Yugala, a slight doubt crept in my mind if I can offer this garland to the Yugala which has slipped and fallen on the Padhuka. ‘’ I only look upon my Guru as god himself very earnestly, and also tell the same to others too. Then what is wrong in me offering this garland to the Yugala?’’ – I thought. Not only that, I felt shameful about this doubt having arisen in my mind and I also detested it. My mind sneered at me saying,’’ Oh! Your Guru Bhakthi is only this deep!’’. ‘’Alright! Will my Guru like it if I offer this garland to Bhagawan?’’, this question too rose in my mind. For sure, he would not accept the garland fallen on his Padhuka go be offered to the Yugala. ‘’Will it not then become an Apachaarato do something that he doesnt approve of ?’’ – my mind reasoned. Finnaly I put an end to the oscillation in the mind thus, - ‘’It befits my Guru not to accept that, but these thought processes should not have been there in me if I had possessed strong faith!’’

This indeed is my Apachaara Sankatam’!