1.      There is a boy who is dull headed and does not perform well at school. His teacher who is his true well-wisher gets down to his level, trains him with utmost care and tunes him to attain success in examinations. After doing all the hard work, when the boy emerges with exemplary grades the teacher happily gives all credit to the student.

When we hear about the highest states of devotion to God, we desire for the same. We understand very well that we are nowhere near such exalted states. The more we try, we understand that such devotion can only happen by Gods Will. The one thing that is practically possible for all of us, is to mechanically chant his Divine Name. But there are many in the world who are unable to chant even mechanically. Or, will not chant even if they can. It is Gods will that makes us chant mechanically too. Like the teacher who elevates the dull student to glory, it is Gods will that makes us chant His Name even if mechanically and bestows prema bhakti ultimately. Although everything happens by His Divine Will alone, and we have no right to credit, like the teacher, God compliments the bhakta and celebrates him.