A column where Sri Bhagyanathanji, Personal Secretary to Sri Sri Swamiji sweetly reminisces the many Divine Moments with Sri Sri Swamiji


Madhurasmaranam – Aho Bhagyam


"Guru Brahma Guru Vishuh Guru devo Maheshwarah
Guru saakshaat Parambrahma tasmai Sri Gurave namah!"


"Kalaye sundaraakaaram sadaikkappriya darsanam
ajnaana naasakam devam sadgurum Muralidharam!"


"Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!"


Let's begin the Satsang by offering our humble prostrations to the Lotus Feet of our Guru Maharaj His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji..

Due to Guru's and God's Grace we are all here today. Today is, indeed, very very special because due to the Divine Will of our Guru Maharaj sometime in late November and the beginning of December a very rare thing happened at Premika Bhavanam in Chennai, where Guru Maharaj resides, which is, He allowed us, that is the right word to be used, He permitted us to speak about the manner in which He had touched the lives of different devotees. Normally, Swamiji never allows us to do that. He would never allow us to say such things. So, it was a very rare occasion that because many devotees wanted to hear about Guruji. It started on Ekadasi day; on that day to hear this that led to the whole thing. So that way it is Guruji who has answered that call and I think I am blessed to be here today, in the midst of all these Bhaktas here, to be sharing these and there is no major event than to talk about the Guru. This is the purpose of life itself. So, I must thank you for giving this opportunity and that wish that came to you which has given this opportunity to share about Guruji one more time, to relive the whole thing, so....


As I said again it's a very special day because all through life, since the time we are born, we spend every second, every minute, every hour, day after day, doing so many things, speaking so many things, gossiping, talking about worldly matters, to the point that we almost forget the reason for which we were blessed with the tongue itself because the very purpose is lost at times and taht is why Swamiji always used to quote the Bhagavatam by saying 'that tongue and that mouth that is not used to speak about the glory of God and to chant His Names is 'vaayasam teertham' He would say - it is written in the Bhagavatam -- it is the garbage pit found outside the hall where all kinds of junk are thrown in and keeps coming out. What difference is there between that mouth which is used for everything other than speaking of the glory of God, chanting His Names? He would say. For us, speaking of the glory of God is no different from speaking about Guru Maharaj. So, this day, that way we have made it productive because we are going to speak about Him and think about Him. To actually use the tongue for the purpose for which it was created in the first place - to sing the glories of the Guru; to expound on what was titled as "Guru premaamrutam". His Divine Lilas.


It has been said that the greatest sadhana, the greatest fortune for a disciple is to glory His Guru. 'Guru prakaase dheemaan' -- it is said. But when we look at it from the perspective of a person like me, like myself an ordinary person, this sounds too out of context because who are we to glorify Him! in the first place who am I to glorify Him? If at all, if at all, by the way I express it I might bring it down a little bit, that's what can really happen. Real thing is so big, too great, because He is 'that Swami' and by way of trying to glorify Him, in trying to express it, the only thing that I would effectively end up doing is to bring it down a little bit, but still nevertheless I would like to speak about Him. So, here we are. While speaking of the Guru it is often said that He is that boundless ocean that unfathomable ocean that deepest ocean its depth can never be known. A little child goes to the ocean and gets some shells from the ocean from the beach and shows it to the mother "Mother! this sea is full of shells.' She says, "Yes, it is right because it has shells, but" There is another child who goes and gets some fishes and crabs. She comes back and says that "You know that sea is full of fishes and crabs." Very true. And then there is the fisherman who goes in and gets the bigger fish, the sharks. And then you have the deep sea divers who go in and try to get the pearl. Each of them think and believe that the sea is full of just that to the extent that they could reach they think that this is full of shells, full of fishes, full of precious pearls, but the fact remains that the ocean is far beyond all of these. It has all of these and more and nobody will ever know. That is exactly what the position that I am in is that of that little child trying to grab this you know handful of water and whatever comes in, in that handful, I like to think that is what really the Guru is all about. But it is way beyond all of these. It is deeper than all of these and I am sure that everyone of you have experienced it yourself.


While speaking of Bhagavan - God - which applies to the Guru also because we have told 'Guru Brahma Guru Vishu Guru devo Maheswarah Guru saakshaat parambrahma tasmai sri Gurave namah'. It is said that, that God is sarva shaktar, sarva antaryaami, He is a sarvjnan, He is all powerful, He knows everything, He is omnipresent, all these things are spoken about Him as His attributes. If we, for a moment, sit and contemplate on these attributes, 'sarva shaktan' He is all powerful. He knows everything; there is not one thing that He does not know. He is omnipresent; He is present everywhere -- inside and outside. The only thing that we are left with at the end of such an exercise is fear; just fear; plain fear. It just grips you thinking what am I doing standing next to Him?(!) What am I doing trying to talk about Him? What am I trying to do? Trying to describe His Lilas? That is the only feeling that remains like how Arjuna felt after he saw the Viswaroopa of Krishna. That was when he was scared. That's what really happened. But with all these attributes, there is one more very important attribute has been described of the Guru. We are going to use the word because it is a circle of Bhaktas who understand Guruji fully; so am simply going to use the word Guru - for me Guru is God: God is Guru. No difference. So, Guru. It says that He is an ocean of krupa - of compassion. 'Krupa sagara' (ocean of mercy) because if He did not have this one attribute we will never be able to get near Him that omnipresent, all powerful, all knowing God; how will we ever get close to Him? It is because He is that ocean of mercy and love that He is He hides all of these and constricts Himself to live in our midst like almost to the point where we start comparing ourselves to Him! To that extent He comes down! The Guru comes down! Our Swamiji has come down. So, it is because of that attribute we are able to get anywhere near Him; which is why while speaking of every Mahatma and every great Saint they have always been regarded as the Incarnation of some God, as an 'amsa' of some God, as the 'kala avatar' of some God. If we want to say that about our Swamiji I will very confidently say that if we have to call the Avatar of something - for me that is also not enough, for me He is Guruji that is enough, but if we were to say that the only thing that...